Responses for Virtual Tour

in district? distance (mi) comments date
yes 0.3 11/03/2017
no 5.6 10/27/2017
yes 0.8 Trees and shops 10/27/2017
yes 0.9 The near-rectangle west of Livermore Avenue offers an amazing opportunity. A hotel in the (map's) upper right corner (with or without structures already there) would provide an opportunity to organize public space, parking, retail activity, and small-unit housing around it. 10/30/2017
no 7.8 Love Westside A. The vantage point does not do it justice.Go to Dublin Emerald Glen Park. The long walk path would me mirrored here. A visitor coming out of the Bankhead and turn to his/her right would be greeted by a beautiful tree lined long view . The visitor walking across the tree filled parking to the village green would be greeted by music, green lined trees. If this is done correctly... it will have the effect of civic plaza in San Francisco. 11/01/2017
no 1.5 11/02/2017
no 2401.7 Placeworks is making our planning process fail again. 11/02/2017
yes 1.4 Trees, sunlight lack of crowds make this appealing. 11/03/2017
yes 2.0 No comment 11/03/2017
yes 0.1 In my view we need a West Side hotel with a large open park. Housing should not be downtown. Downtown should be a place for our Residents to come and enjoy what our town has to offer such as shopping, dining, cultural experiences and relaxation that parks and open space have to offer. A West side hotel would offer conference rooms for businesses in the area and draw newcomers to our town who might never experience the city of Livermore. They would enjoy the many existing and new retail experiences in the larger West side space. No guarantee, but wouldn't it be great if the hotel offered a restaurant that was open late for gathering and enjoying friends? Having more open space, green space, a place that can be used by all, a place to break away from the home environment, mingle with other people, is a well needed place for all our residents. Ideally, an incorporated park to bring the kids or for all just to enjoy outside space that they may not have in their own living environment. One should want to bring their town "alive" not put it into a sleepy community of more housing. It will bring more revenue for the town as people will come from all over and are here to spend time and money in our town. Imagine how many more people will have the opportunity to discover Livermore and all it has the offer and the opportunity to draw them back again to spend money in our town. To be able to share with more than our limited residents, the economic and cultural diversity that it offers. An infusion of new spenders and people discovering Livermore will benefit all of us in the long run and could lead to newcomers even moving to our town expanding our already existing residential area therefore supporting more commercial ventures. This will not happen with an alternative box hotel in a little space. Please give us the West Side Hotel proposal and large green space. 11/03/2017
yes 2.0 11/03/2017
yes 2.2 left as a parking lot and add parking where speedy is. Alternately a small eatery could be added with any architecture be of western type architecture similar to Blacksmith square. No new multiple story modern style building. leave access and greenspace to Bankhead as is. hotel should be on westside as best location. View of location should not be a deciding factor as any differences would be minimal and not that important. Interior catalyst area (10) needs to assure easy delivery to business. Buildings rears should retain oldtown architecture. seating in the back in greenspace areas would be OK but not near parking. Paseo to first st (11). Just clean up area so trash bins are hidden via nice enclosure. Otherwise current is fine. The concept views shown are of no use as they do not clearly show the overall locations of the hotel with the full area. and neither show Blacksmith sqaure of the Bankhead so one can get a true perspective of the total design concept 11/03/2017
yes 1.4 Interesting but not very helpful 11/03/2017