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placeworks testing 123 view map 03/01/2018
Ross Fetterman I'd like to echo my wife's comments with some minor differences included in my description and concept drawing: My concept emphasizes the importance of having an open space downtown that is free of roads and allows for businesses to draw from the crowds that would visit here. This open space can be used for music festivals, farmer's market, holiday celebrations, and for everyday walking about. Please note that there is NOT a road that cuts through the middle. The brown'ish line you see in the middle is a pedestrian pathway. This open space downtown allows families to come here and not worry about wayward toddlers and kids wandering into traffic. Our downtown open space should be family oriented. It should include a kids playground and playful fountains, lots of shade and trees. I like the idea of small kiosk businesses here to cater to on-the-go style food consumption, like ice-cream and coffee/hot chocolate, hotdogs, pretzels, etc... I like the idea of adding more retail, restaurants, and business opportunities to the border of the downtown park. Businesses like "Sur La Table", and a kids activity center. We can have a Kids Discovery Zone here in the upper west corner that can invite the active talent and knowledge currently employed at the Livermore and Sandia Labs to contribute to the experience. Today, there are many types of restaurants that are missing from downtown Livermore, such as: a good fish restaurant, a vegetarian restaurant (my wife's parents are vegetarian and it is very difficult to find a place that has options other than "salad"), a steak house, a place that is open late for coffee and dessert. All of these businesses can have their dining rooms face inward towards the park and open it up to outdoor seating to take advantage of the beautiful open air and ambience of the fountains and strolling patrons. We've visited city centers where they would have light and fountain water shows with music to draw in crowds. Others had projected animated scenes on the facades of the buildings/ parking structures as entertainment. (Look up "Disney Projection Show" to get an idea.) All of this would keep people coming back if the theme changes throughout the year. Up & coming digital artists can project their works to entertain the crowd. This concept I’m presenting also shows the importance of additional parking to supply current and future business interests. I have the hotel on the East side, because I want to make sure that it remains true to its origins of being a smaller "boutique" hotel. I visualize it looking like the Rose Hotel in Pleasanton. The Rose Hotel only has 38 rooms. I believe that having the hotel on the West side will take away from the public open space and possible business space that we can currently use there. Nobody that lives in Livermore is going to stay at the hotel -so why build it on the West side and potentially take away from the open space and businesses that we could actually use for ourselves? If we absolutely must have some degree of housing in this area, please make it be retail on the bottom and multi-family housing on top. You will see an example of this along the north perimeter in orange. view map 11/03/2017
alicia calonico I would like to see the center of downtown with an iconic cultural and hotel plaza. Low housing units and low no parking structure. Lots of green and a farmers market with roof. view map 11/03/2017
tim sage Put the hotel on the West side. unobtrusive parking structure (or underground). Limited housing. vibrant retail establishments. view map 11/03/2017
Denise Leddon I want a Westside hotel on the proposed Livermore downtown site. I would also like the Westside defined by a large green space from Livermore Avenue to L Street. Building a Westside hotel allows for a unique-looking hotel with the spacious green. The site is large enough that a multi-level/stair-stepped hotel will not overwhelm. Restaurants can have outdoor seating on this space. Wonderful! The green space will have future uses for expanded Artwalk, Wine festivals and large outdoor concerts we could possibly fund with future $25,000 Levitt Amphitheater grants. We will never win one otherwise. Many successful downtowns have large green space, not the ¼-acre parcel concept being pushed on us by the workshop presentation. Please, city council, be a visionary --- Westside hotel with large green space. Adding these pluses, Westside hotel and large green space, keeps Livermore wonderful. Please! I do not want a 4-story boring hotel crammed into that small space next to the Bankhead Theater. It would make me SICK every time I would see the monstrosity. I do not want to be towered over by it. An interesting one-story restaurant topped with a green space, with a parking garage behind it, also with street level handicapped parking for the Bankhead is ideal. A stair-step effect will not overwhelm the space, like the developer’s want to put a hotel there. The developer will not have to look at it, because the developer doesn’t care. The developer doesn’t live here. Everyone is pretty much in agreement about more parking and not wrecking traffic flows. I do not need to elaborate. Retail to me = restaurants. Any retail is fine. If one retail fails, another will come in or other future uses will be determined for the benefit of Livermore. Please don’t be short-sighted. You are putting up plenty of housing everywhere else. The 4-story housing proposed on the Groth Brother’s site allows for plenty more residents to walk over to the Westside hotel/retail downtown development. The 1st street housing is a walkable distance too. The Stockman’s association has talked about additional space for building. It is interesting to watch particular city council members who look like they want to sell-out to the developer. City council, please do the right thing and give us a unique Westside hotel with a large green space for our needs. I want to continue to enjoy Livermore. view map 11/03/2017
Reece Wollard view map 11/03/2017
Pete Van Hoorn I’d like the hotel to be on the west side. I’d love to see the downtown area keep open green spaces where kids can run around. And I really don’t want a lot of tall buildings. I love our current “skyline” without tall buildings. view map 11/03/2017
Ananda Van Hoorn I love the idea of a big open space where kids can play, we can have outdoor art exhibits or performances, and lots of people who would live nearby could shop, eat, and walk around. I love the idea of lots of open space with people living nearby - foot traffic for existing and future businesses! I also feel that underground parking is important so we don't end up with tons of open space just full of stinky asphalt - what an eye sore! So you'll see I've hidden the parking underground or put it in a parking garage. Speaking of which: more parking near to the Bankhead is very important. I think it's worth the expense of building parking garages as they are much nicer looking than surface parking. view map 11/03/2017
Lynn Seppala Hotel on the west side allows surface and structured parking adjacent to the hotel which allows deliveries, garbage and sufficient parking to not require valet parking. view map 11/03/2017
Koadog Ferrucci My concept would be to create an open space on the Westside with trees and park and garden features including pedestrian walkway and multiple fountains with artistic lighting a small amphitheater with housing for retail workers and would be limited with no buildings higher than three stories including boutique hotel with 100% parking underground for hotel Guests. I couldn't agree more! I have been a Livermore resident for over 30 years, owned several businesses and am active in both my church and community. Livermore has an opportunity to get what it wants. Livermore needs to make this choice together. My only suggestion here is to make sure you take your time, listen to your friends and neighbors and make these important decisions with wisdom and knowledge. Quite frankly I could personally do with a lovely park for the entire area. Well, we all know that's not going to happen. I guess we won the largest, ugliest tacky-tacky profit laden developers' project going to fly either. May the best Plan win! view map 11/02/2017
Russ Willmes Hotel (westside), live work housing, parking, the rest green space view map 11/03/2017
Dick Givens view map 11/03/2017
Vanna Born Surface parking in large areas should be saved for future development or at the whim of future council. view map 11/03/2017
David Rounds Hotel centered on West side with ground floor (podium) parking and a conference center, parking garage on SW corner-multiple housing on NW corner large open space and hardscape plaza running from L street to the Bankkhead....about 140 or so housing units/ view map 11/03/2017
James Murray 1. West side hotel with ~150 rooms, 2. Parking structures under hotel, next to Bankhead, and next to hotel. 3. Parking below all housing -- NO "Land Use" symbol for this! 4. Road access for rear of 1st Street retail, and road or parking lot/structure access to retail adjacent to green space. view map 10/31/2017
D Jorgensen view map 11/03/2017
Helen Nelson The most important aspect of the design of the downtown development should be constructing a Central Plaza and Open Green Space adjacent to the downtown. That way, the already enjoyable pedestrian area of our downtown could be expanded to include more pedestrian friendly open space directly behind the businesses on First Street. The backs of the businesses would be redesigned in the back to look like the fronts of their establishments. Then the restaurants and shops would look back onto an attractive open green space and a Central Plaza with a lovely fountain in the middle. The people of Livermore could easily walk from downtown First Street, between the businesses, to the Plaza, or along the winding (the website did not allow for making the sidewalk "winding") walkway in the open green space next to the Plaza. On one side of the Plaza would be a conference center, so the visitors to the conferences could enjoy looking out the windows at the Plaza and fountain. Then after their meetings, the visitors could wander about the plaza having a coffee or drink in the surrounding establishments. The Plaza and fountain would make their visit to Livermore quite memorable. There would be only one small one-way, service-vehicle- only street separating the downtown businesses from the open space. Therefore, the people of Livermore could sit in the backs of the current establishments on First Street and gaze upon a green space open in front of them with handsome landscaping, as well as a Plaza and fountain, without very much traffic detracting from the enjoyment of the Plaza and green space. The fountain could reflect the history and culture of our city or simply be a delightful fountain that would light up at night for a great effect. On the sides of the Plaza could be more retail, such as an ice cream shop, sandwich shop or other retail shops with housing above. Then at the far end of the Plaza would be an Art Gallery and a hands-on Science Museum for children, emphasizing STEM education for our next generation. Also, the more unattractive structures, such as parking lots, should be located next to Railroad Avenue away from the pedestrian area and green space by the downtown. And also of great importance is to make sure the people of Livermore do not have to walk across parking lots and between tall buildings to arrive at the open space from downtown. Finally, the back of the First Street restaurants would face not only a green space, but also a well-designed town home development with an agreeable facade located on the other side of the green space. The townhouses would have the green space in front of them, so that the people who lived there could have an open green space for themselves and their children to enjoy, as well as having the green space for the people of Livermore for farmer's markets, art shows, and as a place to relax. The other housing sites should have green space around them as well. Most importantly, keep the green space and open Downtown Plaza next to the current downtown! view map 11/02/2017
Lindsey Murray I am not an architect and believe this is best handled by someone trained in this area. I have commented on the things I think should be in this project and would depend on the experts to figure out how to accommodate them in the area given. view map 11/03/2017
joan green West side hotel A. Couldn't make up my design because my screen is too small view map 11/03/2017
Carl S The Livermore Valley Center block with the cinema, Bankhead, retail and restaurants was and is designed to have a hotel next to the Bankhead. That block should be finished with a hotel on the east side of Livermore Avenue. Open space, plaza, a little bit of retail and an art/science museum gallery and housing for all income levels, especially Livermore workers should go on the west site. Those uses will support existing businesses on First, Second, Third and Railroad. Trying to create an new, artificial town square will dilute existing businesses and further isolate Carnegie Park. view map 11/03/2017
Loretta Kaskey view map 11/03/2017
Janet Eddleman This format does not allow for fine detail. I envision a road behind the existing businesses with turnouts to allow for deliveries and curves to slow traffic down. Multi-story parking lot by Bankhead fronted by one to two story businesses facing Livermore Ave. Hotel on West Side with one-story entrance facing Railroad Ave for registration. Hotel will be multi-storied with some underground parking to accommodate guests. A green space with paths meander through area with places for seating and at least one play structure for children. Spaces can be defined by grape vines. Walls of large structures, like the hotel and parking garage, can have wall gardens of succulents and other plants. If housing is required for this plan, put it on the side nearest L Street. view map 11/03/2017
Debbie Bell Parking below or integrated into multifamily development. view map 11/03/2017
Anna Lim Rather than attempt to draw a concept, I prefer to state what I would like to see in this area. I like the Westside A plan. I think having the hotel on the West side makes sense and would allow for some nice open space as well as much needed parking space. I would prefer to have limited housing in this area and having some housing above other structures, such as office and retail space could work well. I think that this plan would have good traffic flow while still being an area that would encourage people to come downtown. view map 11/03/2017
Rifka Several Would like to see large multi-use green space in the center of this plan, with shade provided for summer use view map 11/03/2017
Jo Dee Widmayer The hotel needs to be on the west side of Livermore Avenue for better balance and consistency, better traffic flow, better use of space. view map 11/03/2017 I don't have good spacial ability. Instead of filling in concept form, I'll tell you what I think is important. I would like the hotel on the west side of Livermore Ave. Parking needs to be a top priority. On weekends, downtown parking is very hard to find. Want open space with small clusters of benches, a climbable sculpture park for kids, paths for people to stroll around the town center. There are many new housing developments going up in the downtown area. I'd like to see the town center be free of condos or apartments. Make it a place for people to gather, meet, and relax. view map 11/03/2017
Nancy Mulligan Most parking underground. Hotel on west side. view map 11/03/2017
Kim Fetterman My concept emphasizes the importance of having an open space downtown that is free of roads and allows for businesses to draw from the crowds that would visit here. This open space can be used for music festivals, farmer's market, holiday celebrations, and for everyday walking about. Please note that there is NOT a road that cuts through the middle. The brown'ish line you see in the middle is a pedestrian pathway. This open space downtown allows families to come here and not worry about wayward toddlers and kids wandering into traffic. Our downtown open space should be family oriented. It should include a kids playground and playful fountains, lots of shade and trees. I like the idea of small kiosk businesses here to cater to on-the-go style food consumption, like ice-cream and coffee/hot chocolate, hotdogs, pretzels, etc... I like the idea of adding more retail, restaurants, and business opportunities to the border of the downtown park. Businesses like "Sur La Table", and a kids activity center. We can have a Kids Discovery Zone here in the upper west corner that can invite the active talent and knowledge currently employed at the Livermore and Sandia Labs to contribute to the experience. Today, there are many types of restaurants that are missing from downtown Livermore, such as: a good fish restaurant, a vegetarian restaurant (my parents are vegetarian and it is very difficult to find a place that has options other than "salad"), a steak house, a place that is open late for coffee and dessert. All of these businesses can have their dining rooms face inward towards the park and open it up to outdoor seating to take advantage of the beautiful open air and ambience of the fountains and strolling patrons. I've visited city centers where they would have light and fountain water shows with music to draw in crowds. Others had projected animated scenes on the facades of the buildings/ parking structures as entertainment. All of this would keep people coming back if the theme changes throughout the year. Up & coming digital artists can project their works to entertain the crowd. This concept I’m presenting also shows the importance of additional parking to supply current and future business interests. I have the hotel on the East side, because I want to make sure that it remains true to its origins of being a smaller "boutique" hotel. I visualize it looking like the Rose Hotel in Pleasanton. The Rose Hotel only has 38 rooms. I believe that having the hotel on the West side will take away from the public open space and possible business space that we can currently use there. Nobody that lives in Livermore is going to stay at the hotel -so why build it on the West side and potentially take away from the open space and businesses that we could actually use for ourselves? view map 11/03/2017
Bob Weber The main idea is to get the hotel on the west side of Livermore Ave. and provide a large community-access open space area. Details can be massaged ad nausium. Why is there no symbol for restaurant? After I clicked "Submit" my layout became mangled. view map 11/02/2017
Francois Moufarrej view map 11/02/2017
Robert Bishop view map 11/02/2017
Katheryn Barker The surface parking is handicapped only. The parking structure directly supports the housing, office, and retail in downtown while preserving a pleasant street experience for pedestrians. The retail/office space merges the transition from the existing downtown buildings to the new development; and the road ensures access for service and emergency vehicles. Overall the downtown design features pedestrian paths and housing units to keep a person-friendly feel at low costs (total annual costs at $3m). The large center green space supports a safe but open area for children and families to play, away from vehicle traffic. The L & Railroad intersection is anchored by mixed housing/retail, tying it to the surrounding neighborhood. The same is true around Blacksmith Square--this transition between commercial and housing is key to the experience on the ground of the citizen. The pedestrian paths provide full access to all sides of the block. The hotel, located on the east, has a porte-cochere-style drive through for cars to access hotel parking in the rear of the hotel. This maintains the street appeal for the pedestrian, both on Livermore and the path from Livermore to the Bankhead. view map 11/02/2017
Cheryl Bishop view map 11/02/2017
Andrew Barker view map 11/02/2017
Tamy Mann Nice try Placeworks, but this concept creator is no good. Not only are we unable to put a hotel on Groth Brothers, but but the I street garage site (required in some form in Placeworks' east side hotel plan that Placeworks is forcing upon us) is not editable either. Are we expected to forget about the ruinous effect on Railroad traffic that Placeworks' I Street Garage will cause? I want a hotel WEST of L street, NOT EAST of L street, preferably on Groth Brothers land. view map 11/02/2017
Joan Fetterman First, the current 4 concepts do not give any reason for an existing Livermore citizen to come downtown any more than they do today. A go-forward concept should provide a reason to draw the existing people downtown. Drawing people downtown is what will increase revenue. We need an open space that must contain a kid's park, interactive fountains, trees, and walking paths that wind. This open area can include a few smaller kiosk businesses that cater to grab-and-go food, like ice cream or coffee, hot chocolate, hot jumbo pretzels. The kiosks can be rented out for art sales/exhibits or other special interests or can differ based on seasonal need. The outer perimeter should be lined with retail businesses that people want in Livermore that we don't already have: a Vegetarian restaurant, a Steak house, a Fish restaurant, a Sweet Tomatoes or other buffet place, a Kid's Discovery Museum, etc.. These restaurants can have outdoor seating that turns towards the park and spills out into the open area. This open area can be used during city sponsored special events or holidays. On the backside of the parking structures we can have projected themed light shows, the fountains in the park can be interactive and have color. Please do not put a street down the middle of this lot with vehicle traffic. Instead of a street, this should be a wide pedestrian/bike path with no vehicles. Kids and families need a place to walk without the intrusion of traffic and without the worry of kids running into the road. We need to draw people to this area so that all of us will want to come here. This will allow us to willingly spend money in our downtown. Second - Everyone is modeling the Livermore Boutique hotel after the Rose Hotel in Pleasanton. The Rose Hotel has only 38 "deluxe" rooms. Our hotel should be similar with perhaps little more rooms. There is no reason to have a 120+ room hotel. More rooms does not equal a boutique hotel. A larger hotel will lose its appeal if its too big and industrial. Third - My submitted concept exceeds the parking demand, yet maintains a healthy open area for all of the public and surrounding businesses to enjoy. Fourth -This online tool for building a concept keeps causing some of the colored tiles to disappear at random upon saving the map. I've tried saving it now 7-10 times and each time the page will refresh and some of the colored tiles will be removed. view map 11/02/2017
Leland Younker The proposed plan features a large activated town square adjacent to a quality wine country hotel. The town square with its size, environment and design will become a magnet and gathering place for Livermore residents and visitors significantly enhancing our vibrant downtown. Convenient distributed parking is arrayed in a way to minimize traffic and pedestrian flow problems. Parking and services on the east side ensures that the Bankhead Theater and east side restaurants and retail can continue to prosper. As sketched the plan provides for an innovative entry level housing element and it has room for features tailored to the cultural, and science and technology themes of the city. Livermore citizens have been very clear that any plan has to preserve the character of the downtown and the community. Table top exercises cannot blend elements in a way to ensure that this happens. Similarly piecing together separate developer plans for portions of the site will fail to give citizens the fully integrated plan that they desire. Careful consideration needs to paid to how all the pieces fit together and mesh with our current downtown. Issues of high importance to the ultimate success of the project like the adequacy and distribution of parking, traffic flow patterns, ways to ensure that a town square can be activated by the elements around it, connections and linkages to first street and the blocks around the site, architectural blending with the existing downtown and impacts on views throughout the downtown need to be carefully designed, analyzed and assessed by a talented urban architect. view map 11/02/2017
Justin Balatayo SuperTarget should be built on the former Lucky's shopping center area in Downtown Livermore. view map 10/27/2017
Bill Leach The Concepts do not adequately address the question 'what Downtown experience might appeal the most to the next generation?'. Suggest that no actions be taken on existing Concepts until: . The former Ford dealer property west of "L" becomes available . The property NE corner L and Railroad (thrift store etc) becomes available . The City is prepared to put the necessary additional parking in a new structure to the west of the present parking structure and connected to it. There should be no rush to fill the existing spaces behind First Street and next to the Bankhead. view map 11/02/2017
Janet Chance-Buckley This concept supporting West Side Hotel with underground parking, best suits a prosperous downtown. view map 11/02/2017
Howard Tsztoo I tried to use the tool ... but it was too difficult to use... I could not remember what palette I had used on what level.... so it was impossible to lay this out. and when I decided to make a change... I could not tell if it made the change. So. Westside A would be my preference. It is a good compromise. Better than Emerald Glen in Dublin...or Wayside Park in Pleasanton. Having the Village Green and the green belt all the way from L St to the Bankhead will make a wonderful view similiar to Dublin Emerald Green Park view and having the Village Green will allow groups to perform. This is all important because if Livermore is to become a point of destination, you have to have the venue to perform in. You have to have a large enough Hotel jn the downtown to host the guest. view map 11/01/2017
Sheryl Volkman NO HOUSING, there is plenty of housing being built in Livermore. Downtown is getting too impacted with high density housing, Downtown is NOT FOR HOUSING. We need: More Parking, West side hotel. Farmers Market, Open Space, Office Space, Retail, & Restaurants. More walking areas where vehicles are not allowed. And nothing over 3 stories tall. (and I agree with Justin Giffin "Livermore is known for it's vast space, don't lose that concept because of greed!") view map 11/01/2017
Ian Karlin Housing for people. view map 11/01/2017
Mary Jestice Hotel on West side with Conference Center and Museum/art gallery. Open Air Market and Artisan area should also be part if retail. Open space area which serves as walk thru from L to S.Livermore. Housing and Parking structures to accommodate can be worked in somewhere. view map 11/01/2017
Clay Widmayer Goals: 1) Break up Super-Block with two transverse vehicle streets; 2) approximately 120 housing units and 125 hotel rooms; 3) retail and housing front existing streets as opposed to new transverse streets; 4) situate some open space adjacent to all housing; 5)provide sufficient parking; 6) locate parking structures in interior of block. view map 11/01/2017
Milo hotel view map 11/01/2017
Nathaniel Moore I call it the "leave it empty" approach. view map 11/01/2017
Glenn Stewart 1. There should be an access street behind the Ale House with a cul-de-sac for delivery, service, garbage, emergency vehicles to turn around. 2. A pedestrian path from L Stree to Livermore Ave 3. Robotic parking garage on L Street can house more vehicles than conventional parking garage on 50% less land space. 4. 3-level condo building with studio, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom units... smaller affordable housing... no townhouses 5. Green space and hardscape 6. Live and work 7. Retail and office above 8. More small office space for the small business owners in town view map 11/01/2017
Don Turpin view map 11/01/2017
Chuck Miles view map 11/01/2017
Jack Owens view map 10/31/2017
Ron Sweet view map 10/31/2017
Karl Freytag view map 10/31/2017
Bob Johnsen view map 10/31/2017
Miller Shattuck Westside hotel, parking garage, open space, co-housing, live-work, retail view map 10/31/2017
Rich Buckley This plan strongly supports West Site Hotel with a 2-story 4000 sf+- to 5000 sf +- conference center integrated into the hotel and facing onto both Railroad Avenue and South Livermore Avenue with strong presence on both Avenues. (The labels show only 1394 sf+- of conference a short-coming of this computer program. A much larger conference center is important for downtown businesses that benefit more from conferencing with a larger audience. Pedestrian Walks are also combined with landscaped open areas from Bank Head Theater through to South L Street which are energized by open areas. Multi-family residential dominates the north west corner and provides a facing along South L Street. It's important to maintain a visual perspective broken up with activities and mini-parks, plus cultural pavilion for entertainment and outdoor uses in the core of the project around the conference center. Notice the relaxed treatment of open space. There is lots of it. Plus notice also there is element of surface parking in both east and west side. The hotel is given a lot of flexibility with both private and public access to parking plus its underground parking component. Checking into the hotel must be kept easy for patrons to pull in and register without causing traffic jambs on the streets. This plan addresses the ease of hotel patron registration without traffic jambs during peak use hours. West side traffic flow through the development is speed controlled with the turns. The East Side is both surface parking and additional structured parking, then retail/office 2 story also with surface parking near by for quicker in and out uses. view map 10/31/2017
Jim Graydon Large parking garage with a nice open space in the center and a Westside hotel. I thin we can use more office space for businesses view map 10/31/2017
River Acciaiolli We need a big parking garage on the westside closer to First St for the dirt parking spaces we will be losing. a West side hotel make sense. Also we need more business office space downtown view map 10/31/2017
Chuck Hurley I'd prefer having a westside hotel and parking garage... a town square would be nice view map 10/31/2017
Tom Jefferson The road along the south of the target property between L St. and Livermore Ave. is needed and meant for emergency access and to service the businesses along First Street. The proposed I St. parking garage should add about 375, I think, parking spaces. Minimal housing is a goal. Thanks in advance for saving a ground level parking space for me. view map 10/31/2017
Tony Smet West side hotel, lots of retail and green space. Use the northwest corner for the hotel for flow of traffic. view map 10/30/2017
Jeff Kaskey Description: Fun, activity and interest on the West Side, parking and service on the east, with activity on both edges of Livermore Ave. Northern Cultural space is outdoor feature - sculpture, water feature, something large and visual. Residential and additional parking to the far west. With East and west parking, and using partially submerged parking, may not need I-street parking - big money saver! Consultant who thinks hotel needs to be on Liv Ave does not understand Livermore market. People are not driving into town wondering where a hotel might be. They have made reservations (or tapped “Hotel” into Google) and know where they are going. Don’t waste Livermore Ave. Space for that. Hotel keeps showing negative rooms and retail goes from negative to positive randomly? Hotel is 4 stories only. Working poorly on iPad. Had to log out/in a few times to get things to stick. All aspects need to be better integrated than can be shown here. view map 10/30/2017
Tom O'Neill This is my attempt to envision Concept Westside A. Parking convenient to the Bankhead is notably increased. Most hotel rooms are set off a bit from the streets. There is generous on-site parking for the hotel. Most of the multi-family living I envision is in a single-structure building in the northwest corner, three stories tall with units of one bedroom and two bedrooms, and with rents priced low enough so those who work for the City of Livermore can afford them. There's a bit more residence provided for in apartments above some retail that is separated from First Street retail by a pedestrian path. Structured parking is provided in the same general area. A road runs east to west through the near-rectangle. (The strange gaps in the design are created by the saving-process.) view map 10/30/2017
Sheran Clark Done view map 10/30/2017
Michael Fredrich Checkerboard areas showing residential and parking structure implies parking below, other uses above. Checkerboard between Open Space and Road are areas where the grid is too coarse and indicate areas with a shared purpose. The plan features an open-space / public use area running through the center of the development and leading into the east side of the development. The hotel with underground parking is located along Railroad Ave. The east side features a multi-story parking garage with a restaurant(s) and cultural facilities along the perimeter. view map 10/30/2017
Laning Thompson Basically Westside Concept B, but with a multilevel parking structure next to the Bankhead which includes retail or office spaces with apartments above along Livermore and Railroad avenues. Hotel driveway gives onto east-west road. Cultural space is limited to a gallery showcasing Western art that includes a cowboy-themed gift shop (this could be self-supporting). The central park should be dedicated to the Livermore Stockmen's Rodeo Association and honor our ranching heritage. There is parking adjacent to the conference center. Twenty or more of the multifamily residential units should be affordable. view map 10/29/2017
John de Oliveira This concept is about bringing the experience of Livermore's vineyards and open space to downtown. There would be a parking garage to accommodate visitors, and plenty of open space for people to enjoy food, drink, and community gathering. There is also space for cultural areas, and plenty of retail/offices. People should be encouraged to walk and explore downtown, so there are pathways that connect the various retail areas. One important feature is that hotels and housing are not a part of the downtown experience. view map 10/29/2017
Linda view map 10/28/2017
Diana Fredrich Checkerboard housing/parking structure areas imply housing above parking below, other uses above. Checkerboard road/green space implies these squats are split between features. The plan features an open-space / public use area running through the center of the development and leading into the east side of the development. The hotel with underground parking is located along Railroad Ave. The east side features a multi-story parking garage with restaurant and cultural facilities along the perimeter. view map 10/28/2017
Caleb Foreman This concept has a couple of unique items. First, it is designed with the future possibility of first street between L and Livermore becoming pedestrians only in mind. The roads in the area could always use some extra width, so thee's a little extra incorporated. In particular, L St gets a right turn only lane toward Railroad. The surface parking indicated could be some combination of parking structure, covered or solar panel covered parking, seasonally covered parking (cheap!). The most aggressive idea is a 2 story garage, with walkways into the nearby offices on the second story. This way, people who have to drive to work in the office can go upstairs to just walk directly to work. meanwhile, downstairs traffic can proceed as normally. These offices would be on top of business storefronts or offices, an earthquake-friendly arrangement. these storefronts would have their front facing the parking garage, the rear facing a new, protected turnout (loading zone?) or parallel parking, and in between would be a pathway designed in a modern feel. It is unknown whether a 1 building or 2-building approach is best. The 2 entrances to the garage will allow for more reasonable traffic when people are at their busiest, and the entrance on L St. would have a nice, wide meridian in order to keep me from being scared the way I am pulling into that lot. The central parking location will help employees and customers alike when visiting the area. If really needed, the roof of the building could be used as part of an extra-tall 3rd story parking structure with some bridges from the neighboring structure. On the smaller lot, the space is awkward, and could be used for something else, but a simple lawn with some stylistic barrier around it would be nice, or a more classic parking lot, or a plaza. An amphitheater might be nice too, for public performances of the arts. Acoustically and logistically, that space is difficult. The amphitheater would have to be dug into the ground, with a hill shielding the area from the street and the side of the neighboring buildings would have to be dampened from the echoes of cars driving past. The space could also be a smaller performing arts center, like the little brother to the neighboring one. This one would be smaller, cheaper, easier to upkeep, and better for things like local performing groups without the larger footprint and demand. Or housing quarters (a hotel) that can be used by people that are guests of an event being held next door. Just kind of thinking by typing here. The "bite" out of each side is for the turnout which would be needed if it was a park, because people would want to drop off and pick people up from there. Crosswalks would have to be made in several places. view map 10/28/2017
Jeanie Haigh something for everyone! view map 10/27/2017
Sandy Yamaoda view map 10/27/2017
Ralph Moir Trouble editing the area for Westside A elements. When I click to add a land use, it jumps to 4 stories. Let me say I generally agree with the Westside A plan. view map 10/26/2017
Richard view map 10/25/2017
Betty Murillo Retail, specialty TYPE SHOPS, book store, gift, dress, shoe, cigar shop & lounge, etc, with (Housing above). Green space all around so people don't get stir crazy!!! Boutique hotel centrally located with roof top amenities, bar restaurant, grill, pool, garden. Green areas connected together easier to move around continues across the street to the large parking garage with a roof top garden, restaurant, bar & grill, fountain, possible pool, beautiful views of the valley, any buildings should have multiple uses!!! Fountain, trees, seating areas, gathering places, relaxing meditative, yoga type places all in the green areas or on the Roof Top Gardens!!! EVERYONE WILL WANT TO COME!!! MAKE IT INVITING!!! view map 10/25/2017 I would like the hotel to be on the westside & prefer the concept of Westside A. Parking next to the Bankhead seems sensible and convenient for patrons, especially seniors and those with disabilities. I was not able to show green space with this software, but basically like the Westside A concept. (By mistake, I selected 4 stories & would like to start over - how to do it?) view map 10/25/2017
matthew hutchens a good example to look at would be the "Grove" or the" Americana" in Los Angeles and Glendale in Southern California. They did it right. Plain housing will flood downtown and make it an undesireable place to go. If you have retail below and condos above like the grove or the americana . it'll have the european classy feel. Hide the parking structures so they aren't an eye sore from the street. Have two streets running down that are for emergency vehicles only. so street vendors can have mobile vending boutique carts etc. open green space in the center allows for outdoor movies and concerts. Feel free to contact me for more ideas :-) Matthew Hutchens 650-245-2264 view map 10/25/2017
Dawn Girardelli Hotel with conference center & underground parking. Open space for a downtown park that could host city & cultural events view map 10/23/2017
Richard Ryon There is no Land Use symbol for open space! The central area, from Livermore Avenue to L Street should mostly be open space. West Side Hotel Plan A comes closest to what I wish to see. Residential housing should be limited in the study area. Housing belongs on the periphery, such as Groth Bros, Chestnut, and east First Street. Sorry, I cannot complete this with the limited number of symbols on the Land Use Pallet. view map 10/23/2017
Sonya Sheffield view map 10/23/2017
Laurie Ong East side hotel, combination of multifamily residential and a few live-work (there are enough townhomes in the surrounding area). Roads would include on-street parking view map 10/19/2017
Xochitl Ballesteros view map 10/19/2017
Tamara Reus My concept first and foremost puts the hotel with a conference center on the Westside to activate the other uses envisioned. I have clustered housing near L Street with a parking structure and the concept allows for a small amount of townhomes, co-housing and live/work spaces. I have allowed for a limited amount of retail on the west side in the area abutting some of the open space and living areas along with a cultural/science etc. space. The Eastside would be reserved for more open space to connect both sides of Livermore Ave. along with some office space, retail along Livermore Ave., and a parking structure. Roads are included through each project to connect L and Livermore Ave. and to provide access. This concept is purely a guideline. My highest priorities are having the hotel on the Westside, with a conference center as well as a central village green that can be accessed by hotel guests, the community and on-site residents. I think there is room for some retail, not a whole lot, based on the what the consultants have reported, but I think that if the right kind of uses, including restaurants and service businesses come in, it can be successful off of First street. The specifics of how the open space flows or where the roads go are less of a concern than the inclusion of these features on each side. The height should not be too tall, with the exception of the hotel, which could go 4 stories with parking but the rest should not be more than 2 to 3 stories as far as housing. I am OK with some housing in this core area to activate the other uses but I do not think this is the right area for a lot of residential. The main thing is to create a very walkable, usable area, with different kinds of gathering spaces and to put businesses and a cultural center in there to give people a reason to go there. view map 10/17/2017
Deborah Elam The hotel just needs a restaurant, not retail. The area closest to the Bankhead would bring the plaza out into the hotel space a little. A large parking garage on the corner of L Street and Railroad. With entrance and exit on L, but exit only on Railroad. It would also include retail with residential above on Railroad. The residential in the middle would have a first floor parking garage ( I couldn't figure out how to do that) with the top floor reserved for green space, hot tub, and hang out space. These would be one level units so anyone could enjoy them. We have way to many houses being built that a senior or person with mobility issues can't enjoy. When I retire, I would love to have one of the top floor units downtown. The retail fronting L Street would have a small green space behind it with benches, and a water feature. The front of the retail on S Livermore would have a big open courtyard entrance with tables and chairs, places to eat your lunch that you bought inside, that connects to Black Smith Squre. Neither site would have a convention center or museum, but there would be several sculptures and murals throughout the site. The site needs to take into consideration garbage trucks, delivery trucks and fire trucks. The open space, and walkways need to be well lit at night to deter the homeless or nefarious types. view map 10/16/2017
Purnell Cook Some of the open space could be low maintenance materials with solar lighting. view map 10/16/2017
ian cresswell lots of green / walking area preserving the 'first st' atmosphere without compromising it lots of retail / restaurants. view map 10/15/2017
Julie Olsen Concept it to have a hardscape town square surrounded by retail on the ground level and access by pedestrian paths (inspired by traveling to small popular towns in Europe). This square has very restricted vehicle access, making it a very safe, walkable, and flexible social environment (e.g. open air markets, outdoor dining, special event beer gardens). Could include areas for bike parking. The west side of the square could have housing above the retail. That section is bordered by a parking garage. A conference center could be in the northwest corner (with convenient access to the parking garage) and the hotel with underground parking borders the north side of the square. Ideally the hotel would have a restaurant adjacent to the square. Retail with office/maker space above on the east side (would love to see kid-friendly retail space like a small children's museum, kid-friendly maker space, or space like super franks). Would love to see public restrooms within close walking distance to Lizzie Fountain. Square is accessible by walking path on N. Livermore. The east side of the street has a parking garage plus cultural lining the walking path that links the west side of the square to the performing arts center. view map 10/14/2017
Sarah Burton I want lots and lots of parking, with retail (food and shops) and an open space with lots of landscape (trees, fountain, etc). Plus a hotel. view map 10/14/2017
Tim Meier This concept is based on dividing this development into two project phases. I will refer to them as East and West projects. The smaller East project largely follows Concept A/B (with a few differences). It is less complicated than the West project, it has a developer, and should be allowed to proceed when ready. The East project should not be held in limbo, while all the complicated details and variables of the larger more complex West project are identified and resolved. Overall, I believe we should spend enough to create a unique, functional, and attractive place for all visitors to spend time and money. A thriving downtown will spark interest and encourage private redevelopment efforts in the surrounding areas. If we break ground on the Hotel/Restaurant soon, the city will have demonstrated its commitment to working with developers and getting a project done. East Project: Same as Concept A, with the addition of some (6??) surface level handicap parking spots for Bankhead, Conference, and Hotel. This area should also incorporate an area for ride-hailing service (dedicated pickup/drop off zone). Also, expand the I-Street parking structure to handle excess from Hotel/Conference. West Project: South west public parking structure (multi-level) to fully support existing needs (over 500 displaced from dirt lot) and expanded growth. The downtown will be funded by everyone, not just the residence who live close, so there needs to be ample parking. Consider charging (discourages abuse). Most people would rather drive to a location where they know they can park, than drive around, circling, hunting, for the elusive open surface parking that may or may not exist. The large West project needs to have roads to both provide access, and divide the space. These roads should essentially be viewed as parking lots (5mph), not thoroughfares. They should be bike and pedestrian friendly. Cars would enter the West project for the primary purpose of finding a spot to park. Everything should encourage foot or bicycle traffic. A large (1/2 acre) village green would be the center piece, encircled by one-way (multi-use) road. The pedestrian path, open spaces, and hardscape should be integrated and blended (difficult to show with squares). Surface parking is supplied only to minimally support existing and new retail, with an emphasis toward disabled access, and "drop-off/pick-up" zones for ride-hailing services (probably south most middle of West project, currently marked as surface parking). Minimal housing is provided, and should be "high-end/high-density". I believe the demand for downtown housing will be largely satisfied by the Groth property and others. OTHER: 1. Consider ground level retail for the south-west parking structure. 2. Consider solar panels for the top level of the parking structure 3. Consider land directly North of this project on Railroad (adjacent to the tracks) for the parking structure, instead of the southwest corner shown in this concept. The SW corner is a prime location for a variety of other uses. view map 10/11/2017
Lynn Monica view map 10/10/2017
Jose Hernandez view map 10/10/2017
Darcie Kent A cultural core surrounding Blacksmith Square. Expand Blacksmith Square to include more retail and be anchored at the end with a high end restaurant with a outdoor patio space for dining. This opens out to a Plaza dedicated to the Stockmen and Veterans. The Plaza is bordered by a 1/2 acre green, and cultural amenities: stage for performances, restrooms, possible a Science Museum and a Blackbox Theater. Walkways link to Bankhead Plaza, First Street, L Street and Railroad. West side would have multi-family housing which is required and a parking structure. The hotel would be on the east side where it will be grouped with the massing of the Bankhead. We preserve and enhance our downtown Gem, the Blacksmith Square and create a cultural core for the community. view map 10/10/2017
Milly Seibel Hotel on the East side of Livermore Avenue with a hardscape plaza connecting to the Bankhead would help mask the height of the Bankhead Theater. Instead of putting in more rooms, portion of the hotel could be used for conference space. With added conference space the bump-up in parking is temporary need. If you could do tiered housing to the multifamily (higher in the middle) it would help alleviate the housing needs of Livermore. Also, multifamily should be smaller units (600-700 sq ft) for first time housing needs (i.e. young professionals). This would help support the downtown businesses. view map 10/10/2017
Sherry Strausbaugh view map 10/10/2017
Elizabeth Judge OK, I put a LARGE ICONIC RESTAURANT with office space above it plus cultural space on the EAST SIDE of Livermore Avenue with plenty of surface handicapped parking for that and the Bankhead. Imagine green space between this and one story artisan market retail backing up to First street buildings. BY GREEN SPACE I MEAN TREES WITH WALKWAYS AND PLANTERS WITH SUCCULENTS with ROOM TO SIT ON PLUS BENCHES. NO HIGH WATER AND HIGH MAINTENANCE LAWNS. On the WEST SIDE I put a hotel (125 rms. map varied) with some cultural or conference areas plus a parking garage to service it and separate it from housing. This hotel has parking for its first floor which makes it a four story hotel. If this is a problem, the first floor parking could be put underground. If it is ok for an east side hotel, it should be for the west. The L Street/Railroad corner has multifamily housing or townhomes and live work units and the bottom left corner has a multistory parking garage. It is foolish to put all parking for downtown on the same corner of Railroad when we need some in this area. The green space mentioned on the east side continues across Livermore Avenue behind the hotel and all the way to L Street. Below that is a one story artisan market (a tiny Ferry Building idea) and behind that is a road angling through the lot with two story live work units against the First Sreet retail stores. Icons for green space, conference space and roads, etc were missing so my map is rather sketchy. Thanks for reading this 😀 view map 10/08/2017
Dennis Mulligan view map 10/07/2017
Richard Langlois There are two factors that will make Downtown less accessible to East Livermore residents and will negatively affect current businesses. First, plans that complicate traffic at Livermore and Railroad or Maple and First . Second, plans that reduce parking in the plan area. An Eastside hotel will definitely complicate traffic, and too much housing will reduce parking. Maintaining a friendly and accessible downtown is more important than maximizing city revenue. The Westside Hotel B plan is closest to what I would like to see. view map 10/06/2017
Jon Langshaw Blacksmith area respected and hardscape/open area added to enhance entertainment potential. Balance of open space for farmers markets with multiresidential, live/work for creative endeavors and office space. Parking structure pushed to back of property for easy access with existing road/street design. Housing pushed to the interior of the property to buffer from noise and traffic. Open surface parking added to east to align with existing parking that is outside editable area. Retail/housing mix added where foot traffic could be maximized to avoid "dead retail spots". Hardscapes added to corners with open area to maintain "livermore city feel". Existing pedestrian egress from existing downtown streets respected to ensure expansion blends with existing designs. Hotel (around 100 rooms) and conference space added (respectable for population size) underground parking proposed (even though expensive) for convenience and efficient use of local land area. Roads added only to explain ingress and egress. view map 10/05/2017
Dave Lawson Focused on attracting and enabling residents and the character of small businesses for the future. Numerous high efficiency land utilization housing options. Parking Clustered and underground. Retail space partially dedicated to 'pop-up' business concepts to allow restaurants, services, retail a small but high traffic area to trial and prove their business model. Constant variation of businesses keeps downtown constantly varied and interesting. Successful businesses can move into larger/permanent space created or reclaimed from currently underutilized structures or built as part of this project. Swath of green space and pedestrian path cuts through and is walkable from one end to the next. Parking is clustered and spread across downtown vs centralized in one area. Would also propose a footbridge across Railroad to encourage more visits to the other side of the street and to alleviate traffic congestion from stop lights/crosswalk crossings. Hotel/Conference center would also have underground parking underneath. For some reason the program is not keeping the formatting but that is the intention. view map 10/05/2017
Janice Channing I lived downtown for 4 years and recently moved just a little further out. I believe that we have plenty of housing downtown and our schools are impacted (my son is in 1st grade and we can't even get into our home school). I would like to see more places to shop and eat. We need a nice upscale restaurant downtown. We are in desperate need for a nice boutique hotel and more parking. I think we have plenty of open spaces downtown. I love the fountains that we have downtown and I think another hardscape area with retail surrounding would be great in the lot behind the Alehouse. view map 10/05/2017
John Pinelli Railroad Park view map 10/05/2017
Daniel Brown Dan's Concept - Hotel, Retail, Hardscape Park, Parking over it all. view map 10/04/2017
Matt Nehse view map 10/05/2017
Anthony Smith This plan attempts to maximize relatively affordable housing options with perimeter retail. The roads and open space on the interior should be privately maintained by an HOA. There is plenty of public space in the downtown already, and the City cannot afford to continue to add more maintained spaces. Adding more things to maintain means that the overall quality will be reduced. view map 10/05/2017
Matthew Nehse Interior retail strip, cultural space, plenty of parking, hotel/conference center. no housing, although the upper left area could be housing. view map 10/05/2017
Jean King view map 09/28/2017
Jacob Anderson The hotel has space behind it for hotel open space. The single floor retail would be an artisan market for smaller vendors. The multi-family housing would have a parking garage at the center of it for residents and access from a created road between townhouses and the multi-family units. The top the resident parking garage should have open space/playground/amenities for the residents. Near the south of the lot would be an open space square with a place for performances. Here is a rough 3D rendering of my concept: view map 10/02/2017
JAMES CULLEN Lots of parking matching existing architecture. Hotel with own parking. No housing. view map 10/01/2017
David Stoller I tried to mix the concept of eastside A west side A... view map 09/30/2017
Lindsey Sauter view map 09/28/2017
Shawn Higgins My thoughts on the use... view map 09/26/2017
Loni Frankland Pretty sweet tool. It did not work to print as the land uses did not have a white background making it impossible to read. Together, we can create a true TOWN SQUARE where we can gather to shop/play/relax and have all underground parking for visitors, shopkeepers and residents. What makes Livermore different from every other town? Not wineries, they are in every state now. Why come to Livermore? - We are the Gateway to Gold Country. Envision an OLD WEST TOWN with a Victorian Painted Lady B&B hotel in the center complete with wrap around porch and wicker chair seating for breakfast. You only have to go to OLD TOWN SACRAMENTO or Silver City, NV to see how popular this attraction is as a destination for visitors and Convention Center attendees. Livermore’s advantage is LOCATION. Fly into SF and take BART to Livermore to stay in an old west town AND do wine tasting without driving 3 hours to Napa... - Create an EXPERIENCE that will draw world wide and use both the old west and the ornamental 1800 architectural style that is evident all over town. - COVERED SIDEWALKS in true old west style protects from both sun and rain and provide a balcony for the living areas above. Shops facing the square reflect an old west town: sheriff/jail, Clock Tower Cultural center at South L and RR, Rodeo/Cowboy museum, RR museum/Chinese RR worker memorial, Mission that doubles as the Chamber office and Teen Center Coffeehouse/bookstore, and tourist info center on weekends. Old Time Saloon/cafe, barber shop, costume/photo shop, candy/toy store with old fashion toys, general store, old bank, blacksmith with working ferrier for demonstrations, all shops will have option for shopkeeper to live directly above (1500-2500sf). - FIREWORK DISPLAYS on Friday nights & holidays can be seen from the Square, with balcony viewing. - PERFORMANCES: Faux bank robberies every Sat. at noon complete with shoot out with the sheriff and putting the bandits in jail, small stage performances and Tall Tales in the saloon, docents strolling the streets in Victorian dress, etc. - ARTS & TECH SCHOOL on old Groth Bros. lot will provide student docents for all venues of public art, performances, landscape design, murals, etc. as well as a sidewalk restaurant & cafeteria for the school. Dormatories with underground parking on site for students/teachers. - THE CONVENTION CENTER should be 2 to 3 story at street level and 4 story with balconies in the center to provide a view over the city with a park/garden on the roof. Parking garage below with a drop off at the curb lane (one way from S. Livermore Ave to RR) and handicap parking. - SECOND LEVEL WALKWAYS from the Convention center to the Mission visitor center on the Town Square with elevators going to levels above and below. Do the same for crossings on RR Ave. and other areas as needed. Very handicap accessible. - COMMUNITY CENTER Clock Tower at the corner of RR & L St. 5 stories high can be used as city council chambers, for dances, a small independent film theater, weddings, events, etc on the levels. - LIVING AREAS ABOVE ALL SHOPS with work/retail/shops on street level. Two levels on street with higher 3-4 level multifamily units in centers. - FOOD: Minimum of restaurants to not complete with existing restaurants and encourage visitors to explore beyond the square. General store/grocery Market and apothocary (drug store) located on square with another market near townhouses by RR depot. - LIVERMORE OLD TOWN SQUARE WEBSITE with matching Livermore brochures available at all shops to advertise fun things to do an attractions, wineries, breweries, etc. Use of wine trolley available on RR ave. - PARKING: The entire area needs 3-5 levels deep with UNDERGROUND PARKING. 8 acres of parking x 3-5. Use the first underground floor for hotel guests, garbage pick up, vans, etc. the rest of the floors are open parking with elevators to the second story bridges. Install light shafts in front of each elevator for natural lighting in case of power failure. The roads dive under the surface immediately into the underground parking (like Golden Gate park underground garage). NO VEHICLES ON GREEN. All freight deliveries to first level underground where shopkeepers will have stairs, garbage collection and freight elevators. - PARKING DISCOUNTS TO PATRONS IN COSTUME. Yes, charge for parking and have validation to get free/discounts on parking (like SF: $20 max. / 8hrs.) - ONE WAY STREETS on RR Ave west from Old First to L St. and from L to Old First St. one way east with a round about at each end to transfer traffic back to two way. - FIRST STREET MERCHANTS were promised 30 years ago that there would be a park outside their back doors. Green space and hardscape plaza there that can be used for arts and crafts fairs, farmer’s market with a long covered pavilion that is parallel with First St. for outside public dining. Tax credits for tenants who improve their rear entrance areas with trees, planting areas, etc. Require dumpsters be enclosed or moved to underground. There are more ideas, and I hope residents find this vision something that can last hundreds of years for future generations. view map 09/26/2017
John Doylemason A conference/hotel and adjacent hotel with shops would bring a high level of function to the downtown that does not currently have that capability. Making the entire area walking only and maximizing retail with housing above utilizes the density and ensures longevity of the businesses below. view map 09/26/2017
Megan Shaw Keep hotel and housing out of the center. Make the center of the design open, full of gathering areas, retail, restaurants and Ped. paths. Focus on parking or people wont come to downtown. view map 09/26/2017
Jennifer Murphy It comes down to this: I like the Eastside Concept B the best. Using that plan, these are the changes I would make: No art gallery/cultural. More retail. Take out the grass area and art gallery just north of Uncle Yu's, and make that all retail. view map 09/25/2017
julia wolley Some mixed retail/housing, walk paths, parking and most importantly GREEN OPEN SPACE WITH TREES! view map 09/22/2017
Justin Giffin Livermore is known for it's vast space, don't lose that concept because of greed! view map 09/22/2017