Responses for Review and Comment On the Four Concepts

in district? distance (mi) comments date
yes 2.4 I prefer the Westside A concept with the hotel and restaurant. Prefer more fine-dining restaurants. 10/18/2017
yes I like Westside A plan the best. 09/26/2017
yes 0.9 I strongly support a WESTSIDE hotel. Either A or B works just please don't cram a hotel next to the Bankhead. Thank you! 10/22/2017
yes 2.4 The open space represented in the Westside A plan is most appealing as it creates a pedestrian throughfare throughout any new development. 10/26/2017
yes The only feasible plan is Westside A because it provides the most public parking. Please don't make Livermore into another Walnut Creek where parking is soo miserable that it's not even worth going there anymore-no matter how great the shopping, restaurants and theaters are. We don't want our sweet, small-town feel to be consumed by greed, traffic, noise, chaos and stress. I was born here and I've been a resident of Livermore on and off for 52 years. 09/26/2017
yes All four of these concepts incorporate an overly complex design that really doesn't meet the parking needs of the area. The area does not need any residences. PERIOD! Everything else is fine. The amount of high density housing in Livermore is already too much. High density housing creates a larger burden on the infrastructure and none of this planning shows any improvement for traffic capacity in downtown. Give us more finished parking, some more shops/restaurants, some open space and maybe a hotel. Leave the rest out! 09/25/2017
yes I would vote for the Westside A ground design as it sets the foundation for the rest of the downtown to scale in time. Having a hotel downtown and parking with residential density above it utilizes the area the best. Love the central park area as well. 09/26/2017
no 2376.5 Please do not cram anymore housing downtown! 10/22/2017
yes 1.4 Prefer Westside A, except replace the most or all of the co-housing with single-level multi-family units, or a combination of lofts and single-level units. Multi-family units must include a significant percentage that can be made into accessible units. Two and three-story townhouse units are not accessible. We do not need any more of those. Also, the village green will be a nice attraction for the homeless. Might want to keep it very well lit! We should also encourage (force) designers to incorporate sustainable elements into their designs for all use types, including solar, low-water use planting, and minimize asphalt and concrete surfaces that absorb and retain heat. 10/11/2017
yes I believe that Westside A ground is the most efficient. My concerns are the already impacted driving on railroad. Is there a plan for road widening taken that there will be more cars on the road. Parking looks to be for the most part covered. So if the planned increase for housing, not a good idea for downtown areas, you are going to get that much more traffic during the morning and afternoon commutes, whether from Stanley or from 84 and 580. I am all about growth, but there needs to be allowance for driving as well as parking and living. 09/22/2017
yes I would prefer the hotel be on the west side of So. Livermore Ave. 09/27/2017
yes 1.2 Of all the concepts, the second one looks most attractive to me. However, I do not believe that we should continue to build housing downtown. It would be nice to have housing that my kids would be interested in buying - and that does not include town homes crammed into the downtown area. Keep the housing the the residential areas and make the downtown area someplace that that everyone can go to and enjoy. We need more parking in that area, and more restaurants. We often go elsewhere to eat out because there is no parking downtown in the evenings, and the wait times for the restaurants is too long. 10/20/2017
yes Westside A is distinguished by a "road to nowhere". Why build green space in a path that lets you walk from the Bankhead plaza to nowhere in particular? The green space is Eastside A connects the important features of downtown, while leaving lots of space for housing. 09/26/2017
no 2.7 The important gathering space downtown should be about people - not cars. This space should be beautiful and inviting. Many of the concept plans are blocky. Rounded edges and meandering paths are more inviting. Also, in 20 years, the need for parking garages might be greatly reduced due to the increasing popularity of Lyft, Uber, and self-driving cars that can be summoned when needed and sent elsewhere in the meantime - just like your iRobot Roomba. Therefore, consider putting parking lots nearby, not on site. Off site car parking would greatly reduce the congestion already present due to service deliveries. 10/23/2017
yes West Side A seems to be the best solution to housing needs, parking needs and opens space. I love it & I would embrace this practical change to my town! 09/22/2017
yes 1.0 Location and design of the open space is a critical element to downtown. Eastside A contains the most desirable features - hotel by the Bankhead and nice open space location/layout. The village green concept is very nice. Eastside B and Westside B open spaces are not very inviting. Westside A open space has too much concrete and will likely get too hot in the summer. 10/14/2017
yes 08/23/2017
yes 2.0 I prefer the Eastside B Ground Plan. It puts the hotel in the best place, near the Bankhead Theater. It also preserves the S. Livermore corridor as an entrance to downtown. I think there is probably too much open space. There is already a lot of open space at the plaza in front of the Bankhead. New open space should primarily be for the people living in the new homes, but also with a walking path through the area. 10/23/2017
yes 1.6 The Westside Hotel Concept A is better with the open space. An eastside hotel is too crowded and I think there will be more traffic problems. 10/31/2017
yes 2.8 Westside A best open space and mix, with Eastside A 2nd choice. Livermore is great because retail and green / walking space is mixed in the downtown area - both these options i feel will compliment first street and will create a nice cohesive downtown feel. 10/15/2017
yes 08/21/2017
yes 8718.1 What makes this different from EVERY OTHER STRIP MALL in EVERY OTHER CITY? What makes Livermore UNIQUE? Not wineries, they are everywhere now... parking structures need to be underground surface parking is inadequate and ugly live/work spaces of 1500+ sf multistory above and underground parking would fulfill housing/parking/store/low income housing issues What makes Livermore UNIQUE? This is the historic GATEWAY to GOLD COUNTRY!!! take advantage of that! Make it a true DESTINATION that people will flock to worldwide... Put the Convention Center NEXT to the Bankhead with 4 stories Con Center up and 3-4 stories parking underground... Use the old Groth Brothers as a Art and Tech college with its own underground parking and dorms for students. Turn RR Ave into live/work shops where the shopkeeper lives on the second level and the third/fourth level are rent to own apartments. Would also be a great sound barrier from the tracks. Have the center of the Square be a New England style Green and put a fantastic hotel smack in the center. NOW - the grand finale - Take advantage of the GATEWAY TO GOLD COUNTRY and use an OLD WEST theme, 1800's decorative Victorian. Call the hotel Livermore's Painted Lady and furnish it as such. Make it a true B&B where the patrons go into the community for lunch and dinner. Have a costume shop with photobooth where patrons can dress up and get discounts from merchants for being in costume. Have a sheriff's office/jail and old bank that gets robbed every Saturday at noon. The ensuing shoot out in the green puts the bandits in jail. The Old Town Saloon will be alcohol free until the afternoon and have a stage complete with dancing girls, short skits, Tall Tales being told and snacks like Buffalo burgers and Rattlesnake nuggets (chicken). The students from the Performing Arts school will participate as well as the music and art students. The culinary arts students will have a restaurant/jcafeteria on First St. and work closely with the Edible Landscape garden on the rooftop. Why stop there? Divert traffic at First and Old First St. with a round about that actually works. Put a Skate Center on that tiny part of Maple and have skates rented out at the Rock climbing center. Unite the blocks with second story bridges that have elevators that go into the upper and lower levels. Yes, it is Handicap Accessible that way. If the Green is too hard to upkeep, use ASTROTURF. AND make First and RR Ave ONE WAY from L St. to Old First. Yes, I do have drawings and will submit them. There is more and there is no reason Livermore can't have a true OLD TOWN SQUARE that is new but old, run on LED lighting and self sustaining. Thanks for taking the time if you made it this far. Loni Frankland owner at Livermore Print and Sign in downtown since 1990. Painter of South L St mural and Mario's, former chair of Beautification committee (Boot Hill project instigator), Soroptimists, former member Public Art Committee, Art Institute graduate, Livermore Homeowner & business owner, mother/grandmother and artist. 09/26/2017
yes 08/22/2017
yes Westside A is best. Large Village Green from Livermore Avenue to L Street, surrounded by hotel, Artisan Market, Gallery and restaurant on the west side. Surface level parking distributed throughout the area with parking on surface level and residential over the parking. Also public parking garages on both west and east sides of the new development. East side A has 4 story residential which is too tall. Don't want downtown dominated by residential. Green area on Eastside B is just among the residential units and not really a public Village Green. Both plans which have the hotel on the east side are really bad. Even with underground parking there is not enough parking for the hotel and valet parking will be needed. Hotel looks out on the blank wall of the Bankhead theater. Presently the parking lot on the east side is always full and parking should be increased there. Need parking on the east side for the theaters and the businesses on the east end of First Street. Need more handicapped and short term parking on the east side. 09/25/2017
yes 08/31/2017
yes We like the Westside A design with some modifications. The Village Green should be as large as possible since this will be the hub of our city. Parking is already severely impacted in the downtown before this additional development and the overall plan should include 1 1/2 to 2 Parking spaces for each additional residential unit built in this re-development. Additional parking needs to be included for the hotel and to accommodate the current and future additional needs. Retail and restaurants should be included over residential development which should be planned for the Groth Brothers properties and on land North of Railroad Avenue. Live Work seems to be a concept without a market and should be rethought. The final plan should have a developed expansion plan to incorporate future development across S L Street and on the North side of Railroad avenue. We think that there are too many Eastside plans and that a hotel on the Eastside would result in massive congestion in that part of downtown and be a negative for the city center growth. 09/21/2017
yes 09/01/2017
yes 1.5 I don't like any of the plans, and the Westside/Eastside B's are the worst. The boutique hotel near the bankhead theater makes sense. I like the open area of Eastside A the best but remove all of the housing, add more restaurants (including high end restaurants, not pizza parlors), artisan market and retail! Keep the same look and feel of our downtown so people will want to come and make Livermore a destination spot. Visitors are always asking wineries where to eat in town and an artisan market would be great to pick up sandwiches, cheese, crackers, etc. for picnics at the wineries. 10/20/2017
yes I prefer Westside A 09/22/2017
yes More Retail, Restaurants, Parking and Open Park space needed. Less Residential. The hotel should be next to the bankhead. 09/26/2017
yes I'd prefer west side B out of all of the options 09/21/2017
yes I LIKE WESTSIDE HOTEL PLAN A I like the West Side A Plan. But I would urge that the Master Developer used to implement such a plan be given more flexibility as to the type of residential uses actually being built. OPEN SPACE THAT BRINGS YOU BACK Keep lots of open space and wide sunny alleys on the residential component. Keep down the housing density and limit height to 3 stories. Allow the Master Developer to enjoy more flexibility as to choosing market rate residential housing components. WESTSIDE PLAN A OTHER ADVANTAGES Views from hotel rooms will be very good since hotel is not jammed up against the Bankhead with limited views; There is ample on-site parking while eastside hotel only provides half the parking required Westside parking also provides parking for handicapped and regular needs overflow from the east side and more parking servicing for east businesses and the Bankhead FLEXIBILITY RECOMMENDED Co-housing is a movement without a great number of followers and will probably prove to not have sufficient effective demand in the market place to justify fronting the investment. Give the Master Developer freedom to retreat to what housing types work. The large green belt and hard surface pedestrian walks through Plan A Westside, are excellent and will be energized with the West Side Hotel. It also integrates the old Groth Brother high density housing and pulls it into use with the downtown. I'd also like to see the Master Developer developing the Hotel, to be allowed to use more of the land if the Master Developer chooses, for hotel uses and parking especially with a 4000 foot conference center. CONFERENCE CENTER I would like to see also a little pressure put on the Hotel component to provide 4000 sq.ft. multi-purpose conference center. Also since the city's research shows no demand for additional retail, I would again like to give the Master Developer flexibility to designate retail space as optional residential market rate space if the Master Developer so chooses. While no Master Developer has been selected, the city council has been introduced to a master developer with funds prepared to build the hotel and work with the City and the Community Group and other vested interests to bring the parties together around the West Side Boutique Hotel his company would develop. The parking distribution on the West Side Plan-A looks good and will reduce traffic congestion during peak use hours. INTERIOR ROADS I much prefer the curved drive perhaps with speed bumps over the straight through road. RODEO ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTION Finally it should be noted that there is a deal available from the Rodeo Association that would relieve much of the housing requirement off the downtown property and transfer residential building placement over to city hall grounds onto unused land. Historically the City Hall was our old Rodeo Grounds. When the Rodeo Association transferred the property to the City it carried a deed restriction that the Rodeo Association has publicly offered to remove for the token recognition, much deserved IMHO, that the open space parkway, pedestrian center such as the West Side Plan A satisfies, that there be a formal dedications plaque-art work-statue memorializing the Rodeo Association's historic and current contribution to the community, which seems most reasonable to me. The importance of this is that it helps satisfy housing obligation the wisely rejected Lennar Plan was helping to pay off. 09/20/2017
yes I prefer the Eastside A concept. Affordable housing (specifically apartments or other low-cost options) must be a priority to provide options for young people in Livermore. I think downtown Livermore currently has a nice array of open space options and a lot more is not needed in this space. The hotel and conference space will allow Livermore to host conferences and meetings, bringing more revenue to the city. 09/27/2017
yes I support the Eastside A proposal. 09/27/2017
yes I don't care so much for the loptions that have surface parking lots. Surface parking lots are not an attractive use of space. But, I understand building parking garages may be too expensive, I like the housing and hotel that are in all of the options. The retail uses are fine. I question whether all of parking garages are necessary. 09/27/2017
yes 3.7 I prefer West side A. Livermore has plenty of space to put residential buildings beside the Downtown which is already congested with traffic 09/29/2017
yes My husband and I prefer Westside A. 09/29/2017
no 2530.3 I love eastside B but want the shopping and green space and shopping of west side A roof 09/30/2017
yes 1.3 I want west side hotel, at least a two acre park (not a strip), and fewer homes. A museum and places for the arts and culture. Put most housing outside the block. A swap with land at civic center for low cost senior housing would make it possible. 10/02/2017
yes 1.4 I like Eastside B. I support housing downtown, especially live/work housing. It is also important to me to have an art gallery and conference space. 10/02/2017
yes 2.1 I do not want a 125 room "boutique hotel" . Too big. Rose Hotel in Pleasanton is only 38 rooms I believe. Think low profile, quaint, CHARMING. Smaller Boutique Hotel <50 rooms. Not a fan of co-housing concept. Doesn't fit Livermore. Condo structure on corner with single level units would be good. Put other residential on top of retail/restaurant shops. Put rooftop garden area on top of residential. Trees & shrubs to add character to skyline. Keep to 2 & 3 story mix. Try to match OLD downtown 1st street "feel". Livermore should be different from our neighbors. It is "wine country". Not an urban environment. I think Bankhead development area was made way too tall and modern. Let's not do that again. 10/03/2017
yes 1.1 prefer Eastside Hotel Concept A 10/03/2017
yes 2.3 Preference is for Eastside A - provides best mix of housing. Only include cultural elements if there is a sustainable, non-public funding source. The current downtown and surrounding city has a rich mix of open space. 10/03/2017
yes 0.9 Of the four proposed conceptual designs, I would rank them from best to worst as: Eastside B, Eastside A, Westside B, Westside A. 10/04/2017
yes 3.9 I prefer the Eastside A Ground plan by far. I don't like the hotel on the west side because it becomes too much of a focus. There is enough parking closeby for the east side hotel, and the plan for the hotel on that corner uses the space sensibly and efficiently. It also allows the west side space to be used for better purposes that enhance life in the downtown area for residents and visitors. 10/04/2017
yes 1.2 We like the Westside A concept. Lots of parking, beautiful village green which connects with the other parts of downtown. Looks like it has lots of parking which is most definitely needed. But we prefer the hotel/conf center as in the Eastside B concept. 10/05/2017
no 143.6 Hotel must have its own parking - whichever side it winds up on I like the townhouse configuration in Eastside B the best Need green space, but not half of the property as some want Co-housing units will lead to a lot of transient tenants and may not be good for re-sale. A small group of these may be okay, but not the bulk of the housing Biggest concern is traffic and parking. Prefer the hotel on the Westside but could live with Eastside version if it has its own parking and some open space. Not butted up against the Bankhead 10/05/2017
yes 1.4 I attended the workshop held on Mon. 10/2. I've given more thought to the various plans and have decided that my favorite is Eastside Concept A. I do have some suggestions for improvement. 1. In order to encourage citizens and visitors to experience and enjoy the entire new development, the pedestrian pathway west of the village green should be widened so it doesn't appear to be only a part of the residential units. Additionally, all roads in the development should be "share the road" for bike traffic. 2. Enhance access to back of existing retail/restaurants along 1st street by adding pedestrian/bike friendly paths along the sides of the new public surface parking. Allow existing 1st street restaurants to build dining patios facing into new development. 3, Incorporate a cafe or coffee shop into the museum/cultural space to encourage pedestrians to move westward from the plaza/green space. 4. Encourage use of native & drought resistant plantings. This could be integrated with a museum featuring local history 5. Add a focal point to the plaza/green space such as a fire/fountain feature or a kinetic sculpture. I closing, I came up with these suggestions when I visualized myself walking or biking through this new space. What would I or a visitor want to see and experience? P.S. I really like that a roof deck is shown on the residential and that a round about is used at the intersections of the 2 new streets. Thank you for this opportunity to provide input. GS 10/05/2017
yes 0.9 I believe any that DO Not have car traffic through it. We need less cars and smog and noise downtown. Make it a walking village. 10/05/2017
yes 1.4 There are two factors that will make Downtown less accessible to East Livermore residents and will negatively affect current businesses. First, plans that complicate traffic at Livermore and Railroad or Maple and First . Second, plans that reduce parking in the plan area. An Eastside hotel will definitely complicate traffic, and too much housing will reduce parking. Maintaining a friendly and accessible downtown is more important than maximizing city revenue. The Westside Hotel B plan is closest to what I would like to see. 10/06/2017
yes 0.2 No housing, hotel on West side, market place, open land parks 10/07/2017
yes 2.2 Little or no housing, there has been plenty added within walking distance of downtown in the last few years. A green space should be a priority and underground parking if possible. Cost and traffic congestion should be major considerations. 10/07/2017
no 18.3 Of these concepts, I like Eastside B the most. 10/09/2017
yes 0.9 All concepts are far from ideal. Eastside B (e.g. best / least offensive) - Has the best parking options will limit excessive residential as possible (aka Dublin style developments). Next is Eastside A - However, parking should not be phased (all inclusive - specifically to the 2.5 level parking garage), more parking, less residential and limited to 2-3 stories maximum. Way too much dense residential in Eastside A. Eastside designs are more ideal as there is no hotel to impact traffic and parking. Westside A & B have the same issues and are the least desirable of all the options. Building height excessive and parking should never be shared between residents and public. Height of all buildings limited to 3 stores maximum (2 is ideal). Residents will invariably dominate public parking and become an incessant issue. Don't need more parking on East side - there is a garage already. Excessive residential who will dominate all parking spaces. Hotel should not be on Westside whatsoever. If there must be a hotel, it should be segregated to the East to minimize traffic and parking issues that all these plans will exacerbate. 10/10/2017
yes 0.7 Putting the hotel on the West side will be necessary to drive the direction of the overall development in ways most people have said they want. On the west side the hotel will guarantee more open space, activate more foot traffic to this larger open space and control the amount of housing that ultimately will be built on the site. West side allows for more parking and better traffic flow on Railroad, Livermore Avenue and Maple Street. There will be significant synergy between business on First Street, the hotel and the Bankhead theater and shops. Tucking a hotel into the small space next to the Bankhead will eliminate existing parking, focus visitors toward the Bankhead area instead of luring them to the core of downtown and it will create a traffic nightmare in the Livermore/Railroad/Maple street area. Additionally, an east side location for a hotel leaves the west side wide open for more housing that anyone wants and no guarantees around open space, museums and shops. 10/10/2017
yes 2.2 Westside concept A, I think it offers the best solution/need/wants. The other options have to much emphasise on high density housing. We they already added a lot more housing all down 1st street towards the free way. Also what is the plan for the old growth brothers lot? 10/10/2017
yes 1.9 Westside A with Townhouses/Livework Apartments, not just co-housing units. If Hotel ends up on Eastside, need to ensure maintain handicap parking for Bankhead theater. May not need as much housing downtown - could reduce number of units and increase makers and retail space. 10/10/2017
yes 2.6 The facilitator at the October 10 Workshop did a masterful job of highlighting the process for our participation as well as the work the committee did to create the 4 options for developing the 8.2 acres in downtown Livermore. He also clearly explained what our job was as workshop participants. Participants were seated at tables for 7 plus one facilitator. At least 4 people at my table came to the meeting with no preference for a hotel built on either the east or the west side. Thus they looked at the plans with fresh eyes that helped me see the improvements that need to be made to the west side placement of the hotel. One participant stated that the east side plan appeared to have been more thoughtfully planned while the east side looked forced or odd. One example was the curve of the access road to accommodate the retail and artisan market buildings in Plan A. The hotel in Plan A sprawls over a rather large area. It was very disappointing that the west side placement of the hotel option was not the clear choice for the workshop participants. Building a hotel on the East side of South Livermore is a non-starter for me. I’ve heard the traffic assessment for Railroad Avenue and cannot believe the east side hotel placement would not have a huge negative effect on traffic flow. The valet parking is the sticking point. If the hotel built parking underneath the hotel, that would make it more acceptable. If the hotel is built on the east side, our group thought reserving more handicapped parking spaces on the Bankhead Theater side of the property specifically for event parking needs to be done. The argument that a west side hotel placement means a less attractive entry into the downtown is mitigated by placing a restaurant with retail/office space above and a parking garage behind it could be very inviting. My choice is Westside Hotel Concept B with the long sweeping green in the center with a restaurant-not office buildings-on the east side instead of office buildings. 10/15/2017
no 2119.0 Westside B. Include upper units with accessibility options. Open Space on the grounds and roof tops. 10/16/2017
yes 1.5 I like WESTSIDE A concept. It provides more green/open space 10/16/2017
yes 1.4 I prefer the Westside Hotel A option. The layout makes sense, it has the right mix of uses, it has a nice park area in the center, and has minimal impact on parking/access to events at the Bankhead. 10/17/2017
yes 1.3 I think the Westside hotel option is the best choice 10/17/2017
yes 0.6 Leading with a large activated town square adjacent to a wine country hotel , the westside A plan pays special attention to parking and traffic concerns and the connectivity to the existing downtown. It also provides for an innovative affordable housing element and features tailored to the science,art, open space themes of the city. Through a set of unique circumstances, Livermore has been given the opportunity to enhance its already vibrant downtown by planning and implementing an integrated and complementary project in 8 adjacent acres in the heart of downtown. The westside A concept captures and blends elements in a way to give our community a signature and distinctive downtown. 10/17/2017
yes 1.2 I like Eastside A the best. I prefer the size of the park and placement of the surface and structure parking. The housing component is also very appealing. I do not like either of the West side options, as the hotel dominates the space. If I had to choose of those it would be "B" 10/18/2017
no 16.8 Of these concepts, I enjoy large greens more than pathway greens (pathway greens are great when they continue on, but I don't see that happening here) I know the concepts are not one-or-the-other but the end result will be a blend. That said, I enjoy most of Eastside A. The hotel placement makes sense, and there's a good proportion of hardscape and greenspace. The roundabout is good. The multifamily/live-work combo is great and still there is space for retail. The separated garage space allows for future conversion to other use especially because its development can be phased as needed. The street connections work although I would push the developments in a few feet to allow for a bike lane on Railroad Avenue. I would hope Blacksmith Square allows access through to the plaza area where the retail is slated. I would encourage the bottom right retail space to have mixed office/makerspace or even housing above it, as the 1 story height will seem out of place there and the shade for the plaza will be welcomed. Westside A is the worst by far as it leaves far too much streetscape as the frontage to a surface parking garage. The streets will be dead as a result and the green will feel surrounded by dead space if you access it by anything other than a car. 10/18/2017
yes 1.4 Westside B: The second visualization of this plan is presumably looking toward the east, over the Village Green with the Multifamily Residential building on the LHS. The labels for that unit indicate 3-4 levels of residential units with parking of 3-4 levels or is it 2-3 stories of parking? Also - The diagram indicates about 50-60 spaces per level of parking - so, with 3 stories of parking, there might be as many as 120 parking spaces - would non-resident parking be permitted in that building? 10/18/2017
yes 1.0 Unfortunately all these plans have residential units. I don't believe we need housing downtown. The theory that housing is needed to keep downtown vibrant doesn't hold water, every night of the week there are plenty of people out and about. In fact, it can be hard to find parking on any given night! 10/18/2017
yes 1.5 There is no reason I can find that a hotel is needed downtown. I see this current location as parking, filled all the time, filled down to gravel to railroad ave. I do not see a need for housing downtown. There is no way downtown can accomodate housing when there is not enough parking right now without housing. These proposals are awful and not at all well thought out. I do not see a need for this. What I do see will cause more downtown traffic, even less parking and will drive existing business away. In addition, the business that someone thinks will work here, will also fail due to cost and lack of customers since there is no parking. Poor idea all around. Work on some of the existing buildings there and pave the parking lot or something, do not add all this stuff in. 10/19/2017
yes 2.6 I prefer Eastside A. I think the hotel should not be the focal point of town, rather the open community areas. 10/18/2017
yes 2.4 We recently relocated from Chicago. My thoughts....NO MORE HOUSING!!! Livermore needs interesting boutiques, EXCELLENT restaurants, cool bars and destination places. The traffic here is beyond insane. A parking structure is NOT a destination place. New restaurants are constantly popping up in Pleasanton and Dublin. Nothing here. The quality of food is beyond subpar in Livermore. The closest to fine dining is Sauced -- which is mediocre at best. There need to be more shops with interesting items that are current. Much of what is here is quaint, but it is time to liven up the downtown area and make it a fantastic place to be! A sex toy shop right on the main drag is ridiculous as is having 3-4 ice cream/yogurt stores within a few feet of each other. 10/20/2017
yes 2.4 West side B seems to be the most efficient design 10/18/2017
yes 34.4 I like Eastside B plan. 10/20/2017
yes 2398.8 I think that a hotel downtown is a good thing. However placing it on the property directly adjacent to the Bankhead is not a good choice. I would support the West side designs. Either of the two East side designs will inevitably cause both vehicle and pedestrian congestion. Especially on occasions when there are simultaneously Bankhead shows, Hotel hosted conferences, and not to forget our very well patroned Cinema. In particular I like the West side A senario. 10/25/2017
no 7.8 The hotel should definitely be on the Westside! The City needs the larger village green area in both Westside concepts. I prefer Westside A. Does the Hotel honestly need 125 rooms? Could we get away with say 80 to 100 rooms and have the building only three stories rather than four? We want Livermore to remain Livermore and have the same hometown feel. 10/19/2017
yes 3.8 ALL of these choices are BAD options for the area! First, if you insist on adding a hotel downtown, why can't it be built on the old Groth Bros. property? (That has been sitting vacant for years now, and is a boarded-up eyesore). It's the perfect place for a hotel, and would help keep all the problems associated with a hotel (parking, traffic, delivery options) an extra block away from your proposed building areas. Secondly, I deplore the fact that you chose to "relocate" (aka: "hide") our beautiful old train station... when it could have instead been left where it is, restored, and then used as a historical showpiece from our city's beginnings... and other things (including open space) built around it! (Just take a look at what the city of Danville has done, to highlight their own station in their downtown location). Thirdly, why does City staff seem to think that we really even "need" a hotel, or more ugly high-rise residential buildings, in this part of town? We already have multiple hotels in our city, and they are never fully booked as it is. Besides, for years now, we've been parking in the dirt and gravel to shop and attend events in the downtown... so why not just finally pave it and let us continue to use it? And. lastly, we don't need anything to be added to the Bankhead's east-side parking lot... no buildings or small restaurants... as it's already usually full as it is. In closing, how's about we say "NO" to all of these bad ideas; take a break from rushing into bad development ideas, and leave the area alone for now, until we can come up with something better? What's the rush? 10/19/2017
yes 2.7 My vote is for the Westside B plan! 10/19/2017
yes 3.9 I like Eastside A Ground, but feel that there will not be enough parking. The hotel in the eastern location is preferable. I wold have had an easier time evaluating these if the total number of parking spaces was laid out. 10/20/2017
yes 2.4 We do NOT want a hotel or a new street or more housing downtown. We do want a green park with shade trees in the middle of a shopping district with restaurants, shops, attractions. One parking garage on an outside edge not First St would be good. 10/20/2017
yes 1.3 None of these are great. These renditions make this space look like any other development in any city in the country! We need to keep Livermore unique and honor the ranching, agricultural heritage. I'm thinking Los Gatos, Saratoga, Jackson; low rise buildings with open areas that invite people to sit and stay awhile. People watching at its finest. I certainly do not want to try to enter a "village green" surrounded by apartments and parking structures. How much sunlight will it have with 3 and 4 story buildings surrounding it? Are we creating wind tunnels like what has happened in Redwood City? Do I want to sit on a bench looking into someone's co-housing unit? I would like to see a Westside hotel with parking underneath and additional parking away from the city center If we put a parking garage on the east side that would help with the handicapped and others who cannot walk a block or two. 10/23/2017
yes 1.8 I think the hotel should be on the west side of Livermore ave. as in the Westside A visualization 10/24/2017
yes 2.4 I prefer Westside A because it provides both more parking and more open space. I much prefer parking beside the Bankhead and the hotel on the westside. I think there is too much co-housing. I'm not sure there is a big demand for that. Some of that should be apartments or condos. Westside B would be OK if there were no cross street running through it and the parking were all 2 or 3 levels, depending on location - 2 stories behind First St. and 3 by the Bankhead. We need more parking downtown and that will be even more of a need with more development. Why waste the space with only ground level parking? The proposed vehicle street should be part of the open space instead, with more shade trees and less concrete than some of the visuals portray. Open concrete is too hot for the summers and would create an oven between all the buildings. 10/23/2017
no 28.3 West Sde Hotel A with livework and cohousing 10/23/2017
yes 0.2 East Side A 10/24/2017
yes 1.6 Westside A clearly comes closest to meeting priorities. !. Pay as you Park structure with direct access to bankhead, cinemas etc. without crossing street. - especially important for old folks, mobility impaired, etc. - and amy actually bring small revenue stream to City. 2. Promenade/Plaza connecting L street (Groth Bros development) with Bankhead plaza. 3. Westside hotel integrated with Promenade/Plaza. 4. appropriate downtown retail opening on to promenade. 5. Wide range of housing options. 10/24/2017
no 5.2 Westside A is the best design for the use of space to create a feel of communal interchange and face to face connections with people. There are many residential units in downtown already and more housing to come in the region. We need plazas, open air markets, community gathering places, places for bikes, kids and outdoor dining. 10/24/2017
yes 1.2 I like Westside A Ground best. It provides parking close to the Bankhead and theater (which should consist of ample handicap parking). Nice open space in the middle. 10/24/2017
yes 0.6 Westside A with a large town square activated by a wine country hotel and artisan market is my preference. 10/25/2017
no 5.5 I support Westside A. 10/25/2017
yes 1.6 We don't need a "Maker's space" or a cultural facility. We need a green gathering space to anchor the downtown, retail for more shops (the artisan market is a great idea), a small hotel, and enough parking that people don't start getting "creative". 10/26/2017
yes 2.4 I don't think we're a ""co-housing" community, so would think that idea should be dropped. I like the live/work plans. For cultural/museum space, I think we need to have someone come forward to support it. Until then, it is a regular retail spot that could be converted to museum at a future date. But I don't think it's wise to build it as that sole plan when there is no way to support it. 10/27/2017
yes 2.2 The downtown Livermore plan should have the hotel on the West side as in design plan West Side A. There is simply not enough space to accommodate the hotel adequately on the east side. Also, the hotel on the west side brings the hotel patrons in closer proximity to the businesses and to the village green. For the downtown hotel to be successful it needs to be inviting to patrons, and not crammed into a corner parcel on the East side. If too much housing is on the West side, it will not be as inviting as a PUBLIC open space. The downtown open space should feel like a gathering place for the public. Not a space mostly defined as “grounds” for the housing units there. 10/26/2017
yes 2.1 Prefer Westside hotel plan A, which provides more green space and parking--better access to the Bankhead theater and other downtown amenities. Livermore doesn't need more downtown housing--we need more hotel and community space. 10/26/2017
no 2.7 My choice is Westside A. Good idea to have lots of area for families and youngsters to play. I am in favor of convenient parking. The rooftop restaurant is a plus. 10/26/2017
yes 2.6 West side B is the best choice 10/26/2017
yes 2.8 I attended the public workshop at the Robert Livermore center and our group was solidly behind having the hotel on the west side. I feel there is no reason for the hotel to be visible from the east side. As has been often noted people now a days book hotels on line, they don't look for visual cues. They use GPS, so visibility is not much of a factor. The only benefit is as a feature of downtown, which would also be possible from the other side. I believe parking in front of the Bankhead is more important for people attending events there and especially handicapped parking. People would not be staying at the hotel to attend events at the Bankhead. Also, on the west side the hotel would be available to access the restaurants and shops which would be built and exist on the west side. Parking is also a key and away from the existing multi story parking lot which would not load more traffic to the existing area. Even though the $14M could be paid back to the affordable housing fund, we, the taxpayers should not take on that burden, especially since the housing fund has already put up the funds. The best solution might be to swap land with the cattle owners association which donated the land where the city offices sit and allow some affordable housing there away from downtown. However, some housing should be downtown to meet the needs of younger people who want to be closer to a vibrant downtown area and do not want the burden of a single family dwelling. Our goal should be to meet the needs of the broadest section of resident, rather than catering to the bias of a few. 10/26/2017
no 5.6 I like Westside A - more open space and less downtown housing. I think the overhead diagrams give the best view of the site - the artists concepts make all the options look wonderful. Westside A would be the concept that would most attract me to downtown Livermore. 10/27/2017
yes 1.2 East side A is my preferred plan - I think it makes the most efficient use of space while maintaining/creating large and useful green spaces. I also like that it mirrors the diagonal street parking of First street. West side A hotel placement seems to be a much less efficient use of space. Eastside B lacks public green space and would involve multi unit housing use of public parking which wouldn’t really alleviate parking issues as there would just be an access road without street parking. West side B lacks as much useful/public friendly green space. It would also involve parallel steer parking which is less desirable and does not align with First Street. 10/27/2017
yes 1.6 I've been following whether a Westside or Eastside hotel should be built. Some people want the hotel to stand prominent on the Eastside. But this shouldn't be a reason. An Eastside hotel just seems to be squeezed onto the building lot and looks like traffic would be impacted. I also don't like the idea of valet parking. I'd like to see the hotel built on the Westside of Livermore Ave and have the lobby on Railroad Ave. Concept A is my choice because of more open space. There is more room and there would less impact to traffic. 10/31/2017
yes 2.4 Strong preference for Westside A, but I don't like the two small parking/housing structures on the south side of this plan and the additional access road that seems to exist just to service these. These are a very inefficient use of this space. Eliminating those units and the associated road would cause only a small reduction in housing and parking, and open up more space for the village green and a bit more retail/restaurants. If necessary the parking area behind Uncle Yu's could be extended just partially into this space with access only from South Livermore Ave. The Artisan Market is a great idea. Restaurant space with outdoor seating adjacent to the green would also work well (the outdoor restaurant seating around the Bankhead Plaza seems to be popular). Making the plan restaurant friendly overall seems like a good way to activate the space. A few other points: * It's critical that the building designs, landscaping details, etc stay consistent with the feel of Livermore and retain the small town charm. If the area feels sterile it will fail. * Keep the building heights to a max of 3 stories as much as possible and avoid boxy, imposing structures. * Yes underground parking is expensive, but can also reclaim huge amounts of space and reduce heights. Explore every possible creating financing option to see if this can be done. * What is the situation with the Groth brother's property? Has the city tried to acquire this and if not, why not? Including this in the plan would open up so many more possibilities, and much of the "required" housing could be pushed to the west of L street allowing for a much less crowded plan on the Lucky site. Also, if the city can't acquire this can we at least understand and consider the current owners plans for this site (for example if the current owner is expected to build housing on the Groth site that might argue for less housing on the Lucky site, etc)? 10/28/2017
yes 1.4 Westside A is best but without the housing and with more open space and more parking. All other plans have too much housing and not enough green space. Definitely no east side hotel. 10/28/2017
yes 0.5 I much prefer the Westside Hotel concept with the use of the promenade landscape corridor to invite/circulate people thru the space. 10/29/2017
yes 1.8 We are not happy with any of these, because all of them include housing and a hotel right in the heart of downtown. If you removed those elements from the concepts, that would be an improvement. There is enough new housing here. We need more independently owned shops and restaurants. Housing and hotels should be located outside of downtown, as it's crowded enough already. (DO NOT MAKE LIVERMORE INTO ANOTHER OVERCROWDED, IMPACTED, EYE-SORE EAST DUBLIN.) 10/29/2017
yes 0.7 All four of these options are worse than what we have now: the chance to park and enjoy the shops and restaurants that we already have. We already have First Street as the town center. Surface parking behind First Street (as we have now) is what makes the space usable, livable and reasonably peaceful. Just look at Pleasanton, and at Danville's Hartz Avenue. Look at Pasadena's Lake Avenue. City parking is provided in large surface lots behind the main street! As it is, inability to find parking within two blocks has prevented my husband and me from using downtown Livermore restaurants on a number of occasions. Perhaps we could limit parking time to two hours to make it available to all who need it to visit shops and restaurants. As for the new concepts they all appear very expensive, to be paid for by the sale of downtown fancy "pads" that will generate far more traffic and congestion. Finally, parking structures are not a good option for those of us with limited mobility. What happens when the elevator breaks down? This has happened to us on more than one occasion at the Bankhead. It meant leaving an older person outside to be retrieved by holding up traffic. 10/29/2017
yes 1.8 Westside A keeps the town feeling more like a small town, which I like. I like the open area continuing that "downtown" feeling where people can just hang out. It also keeps traffic to a minimum and allows for parking for the Bankhead. 10/23/2017
no 2.2 I like the Westside A concept the best. Especially not having hotel parking access on S Livermore and having more parking closer to the Bankhead and Theater. 10/29/2017
yes 0.9 The visualization of Westside A has a lot of hot, hard cement. It is very univiting. Replace the cement with grass, and Westside A wins. Westside B features a scrunched miserable hotel. It and the eastside concepts do not seem to compete at all 10/30/2017
yes 1.6 Seems like most of this is going to be parking and housing. We need more outdoor space for our community to gather and more places to dine and relax. This just looks boring.... That being said, if I had to choose one, I think westside A with a more timeless Facade would be my vote. The modern facade will date itself pretty quickly. 11/01/2017
yes 1.0 Westside A is the best option for the type of open space that our entire community needs in the heart of town. Both Eastside options have open space in name only. These do not create "gathering places." Westside B's designated "Village Green" is surely a misnomer. It resembles a wide parking strip. As such it might benefit those who would live or work within the complex, but I see no attractiveness that the rest of our population with care to utilize. The road design in both Eastside options and Westside B will lead to congestion as some will try to cross cut from L St. to Livermore Ave. Roadside parking on both sides of these road options is ugly and not appealing for an open space common area. The contours shown in Westside A will slow traffic and not encourage congestion. This would be the most people/pedestrian friendly. 10/30/2017
yes 1.5 10/31/2017
yes 1.7 I prefer having the hotel built on the westside of Livermore Ave for a couple of reasons: it will be easier for guests, service trucks and deliveries to be made off of Railroad ave... having a hotel at Speedee oil change would add to the traffic congestion at the intersection... also, arriving guest coming down N Livermore Ave would have to turn across Livermore ave to get to the lobby. ALso, I depend on parking close to the Bankhead as I have a disability tag... it looks like the eastside hotel would take away the disabled parking spaces. 10/31/2017
yes 1.7 Having a Westside concept A hotel is much better because there is more open space and parking can be under the hotel. We lose parking spaces with the Eastside hotel plans. 10/31/2017
yes 0.2 Preference is Westside A. The other three options pack Railroad Avenue with large amounts of multi-family housing resulting in Dublin Boulevard style design. 10/30/2017
yes 1.6 I'm in favor of a Westside Hotel Concept A... However, no housing between the Village Green and the First St merchant/restaurants, how will deliveries, service trucks, garbage trucks, employee parking, emergency vehicles going to access the rear of the First St merchants/restaurants... The co-housing building on L Street (Domino Pizza area) needs to be a 3 story parking garage.... Housing is okay only at the corner of L Streetand Railroad ave... There is too much open green space on the Village Green, who will be utilizing this space? During the week, most people are at work and kids in school.... We don't need to waste water on lawns... the Village Green needs to be more hardscape with drought tolerant plants and trees... too much grass and you have to clean up the dog poop. 10/30/2017
no 766.5 i prefer westside hotel placement. i like the A version best as it provides more apparent open space and has a better flow. i am not sure why i am listed at 766 miles away since i live near the corner of college and L st. perhaps i should review my registration. 10/31/2017
yes 1.1 I prefer Westside A concept 10/31/2017
yes 2.0 I prefer Westside A because I feel the hotel is better situated there rather than crunched on the east side. I like the additional parking on the east side to accommodate the merchants and restaurants in that area. I am in favor of more open space and feel the west side allows more opportunity for that. However, I would suggest that much of the hardscape be replaced by green areas/grass/trees. Some housing is needed downtown but I think having all of it co-housing is too much. A better mix of housing is better. As a senior, I would very much like to see a multi story condo built with an elevator so that each unit was on a single floor. I would love to move downtown but am not interested in moving into a 3-4 story townhouse. Finally whatever plan or combination of plans is decided on should include adequate parking for our existing needs and future growth. All housing downtown should have and pay for their own parking. Even with that many of those residents and their guests will be using the downtown parking. Consideration must also be given the the needs of existing downtown merchants in terms of garbage and deliveries. 10/30/2017
yes 3.6 I support Westside A. When I think of what makes downtown Livermore successful now, it is the design to keep people engaged in the activities they are participating in. Having a Westside hotel will improve the flow of people in the area. I support the parking structure in the southwest corner of the lot. I like the street that goes east and west as well as the green space in the center. I think there would be better Hotel traffic flow and parking options for hotel guests if the hotel was on the northwest corner and there was retail on the east side, near the Bankhead. Again the best plan is Westside A. Having a hotel on the east side would be too cramped and would not encourage people to remain in the area. 10/30/2017
yes 1.1 I want Westside Concept A hotel... an east side hotel is too crowded.. 10/31/2017
yes 3.8 Westside A with a right hand turning lane off Railroad built onto the property to ease traffic congestion when entering parking. In addition, I'd extend this new turning lane to S. Livermore to also help with right hand turning congestion. 11/01/2017
yes 1.6 I like having a nice open space where my wife and I can stroll and enjoy the new area. My preference is for a Westside concept A hotel along Railroad Ave. Having an Eastside hotel is too packed in and I think will increase the traffic congestion. Having more shops and cultural areas would be nice 10/31/2017
yes 1.7 I"m interested in having adequate parking and open space. A hotel on the eastside seems out of place. A nice hotel on the westside facing a green space is preferable. 10/31/2017
yes 1.7 The debate seems to be for a hotel location. A Westside Hotel Concept A puts the hotel in the core of the development... an Eastside hotel seems out of place to me. 10/31/2017
yes 1.6 I think an eastside hotel will increase traffic congestion. I'd like to see the hotel built on the west side of Livermore Ave with concept A which provides an open space in downtown. 10/31/2017
yes 1.6 We need a second parking garage on the west side along with a little housing and a west side hotel and green space 11/01/2017
yes 1.6 Let's build the hotel on the Westside with a large open space - jamming a hotel on the Eastside doesn't make sense - it crowds the area and creates congestion 11/01/2017
yes 1.5 My vote is for Westside A. I absolutely do not feel that the hotel belongs on the East Side of Livermore Ave. The entire corner would be jam packed in with each other and I don't believe that it will be visually appealing. Additionally navigating around Livermore Ave, Railroad Ave, First Street in that area, is already a nightmare. It will only get worse should you decide to place a hotel next to the Bankhead. The argument that visitors to the hotel need to see it upon entering the City is preposterous and the idea that they won't walk in inclement weather from a hotel located on the West Side to the Bankhead is ridiculous. We need more housing, parking and green space in our downtown and I believe that West Side A or at the least West Side B accomplish these better than either East Side choice does. 11/01/2017
yes 0.4 The artists architectural model’s offer a little with respect to reality and perception upon completion. My feeling is, the more green space the more trees the more easy access less vehicle killer traffic The artists’ architectural models offer little with respect to reality and perception upon completion. My feeling is, the more green space the more trees the more easy access and less vehiclular traffic the better and more pleasing and acceptable the project will be to existing and future residence. 11/02/2017
yes 1.3 None of these are acceptable. None of these deal with the concerns of the citizens. None of these give resolution to insanely high housing prices. None of these deal with the current abysmal parking down town, and in fact, they exacerbate the situation. If we're adding more housing, we need to get BART here. Anything else, and we're just making things worse. There aren't enough jobs in Livermore to support these new units, so people will be forced to commute. Wheels is not a viable option for getting to/from BART, as it adds an hour to your trip. BART must come down town. Lastly, the recommended "1.75 cars per unit" from the council meeting is woefully inefficient. There needs to be at least 3 cars allocated per unit. 11/01/2017
yes 0.8 I favor the Westside A Hotel development because it seems to offer more open green areas - room to breathe, relax, stroll. The easr side seems far too crowded and too much concrete. Lets balance out the space a bit. The Westside seems to be thevrght choice. 11/01/2017
yes 1.4 I believe Westside A is the best plan considering it has the most parking of all the designs. Although I don't think any of the designs serve Livermore very well. I really dislike multi story townhouse designs. All the ones that went up on the east area of first st block the view of our hills. If Livermore keeps going like it has been with tall condo's and townhouses we will look just like any other city where people call all the housing ticky tacky. I do think the visualizations of all plans is skewed size wise from the ground/roof views. 11/01/2017
no 7.8 Westside A has my vote!. I am a frequent visitor to downtown Livermore. No one has sufficiently explained to me how service vehicles will be able to get into an East side Hotel. It seems like they have eliminated any service vehicle access for the existing businesses. This means that we will see a lot of double parking on L Street. or first street. The Westside Hotel allows surface parking. The only detrimental is the Developers have to compete with a Hotel to put in their Condos and the required parking spaces. I love the idea of having a Village green space where we can have an area where you can have festivals and performances. 11/01/2017
no 7.8 Westside Hotel plan A. I like parking next to the Bankhead Theater. The parking garage fills up. If parking is too much of a hassle or too far away, seniors, the handicapped, families with young children and I will opt to go elsewhere for entertainment or a bite to eat. 11/02/2017
yes 1.3 Prefer East A 11/02/2017
no 1.5 West side concept A offers the best approach for developing a town center for the city of Livermore. We should be planning a city center development with an eye toward the future rather than litigating the concerns and constraints of the present day. Open space that is logically connected to and supportive of surrounding uses, parking for the vast majority of visitors that will not walk into our downtown core to use it are among the chief concerns. We should avoid negative traffic impacts in the already stressed downtown core and the east side hotel concept clearly exacerbates those. 11/02/2017
yes 1.7 I don't like all of the new housing planned for downtown. All four concepts look like they are severely over building the open area. There is little to no open space for public use. Where there is open space, there is no reason for anyone to be there because there is no retail or park or anything to draw visitors to that open space. The open space appears to only be functional to those people who live in the housing that is right there. Please tell me how these 4 concepts benefit the existing citizens of Livermore? What would be my reason to go here? Please provide a kids park and retail with reason for going to the open area. And please do not put a street down the middle. Instead of a street, this should be a wide pedestrian/bike path with no vehicles. Kids and families need a place to walk without the intrusion of traffic and the worry of kids running into a new road. 11/02/2017
no 34.3 Westside is best choice for hotel, Eastside hotel is too cramped visually and physically. Open space for gathering is preferred, thus Westside A is best choice. 11/02/2017
yes 0.1 The Westside A makes the most sense in terms of providing onsite parking, delivery and garbage storage for a West Side hotel. Placing a green space next to the hotel and retail around the hotel would activate the open space. The alternatives for placing the hotel on the other side do not have good solutions for deliveries and garbage collection for the existing businesses surrounding the Shea Homes Plaza in front of the Bankhead, and nobody wants valet parking. Virtually every time I go downtown, there are 1 or 2 large delivery trucks in the Madden parking lot. The alternative plans do not address this problem. 11/02/2017
yes 1.4 I like Westside A the best. 11/02/2017
yes 1.9 I much prefer Westside A of the plans shown. Eastside A will not have a very good view of the city and hills. The hotel should have it's own parking! Eastside B And Westside B both have cars driving through, Terrible! 11/02/2017
yes 2.9 The Westside A proposal is a much better use of the land. It has a better view of the city and the most green space. Eastside looks more cramped and less inviting. 11/02/2017
yes 1.0 I would choose Westside A Ground. (See my comments about how placing housing adjacent or even near community areas where we expect to have social activities is a contradictory concept.) 11/02/2017
no 8.5 The Westside A plan seems to be most favorable. I really like the Village Green concept that offers lots of centrally-located open space (which downtown Livermore doesn't currently have). The Village Green concept also creates a pedestrian-friendly environment that makes it easy to get around on foot. For me this is important when I bring my two young children downtown. Patrons of the hotel will walk out into a much more enjoyable environment instead of being cramped into a tiny isolated space outlined in the Eastside plans. 11/02/2017
yes 1.6 I like the Westside A plan the best. Nice open space and hotel spaced far away from the Bankhead. This allows for much more open feel and the best functionality for downtown. -Bob 11/02/2017
yes 1.8 A Westside Hotel with Open Space Nearby Makes the Most Sense To Me. Why would we want to take away parking from the center point of the city, the Bankhead Plaza, that draws many, many attendees to cultural events, Evenings on the Green, performances inside the theater, etc.? Yes, the parking structure is nearby but additional parking next to the theater would help with traffic congestion and coordinating the execution of events taking place on the plaza. It is also important to have handicapped parking access for those of us attending these downtown cultural events! Practically every week day, delivery trucks drop off goods and beverages to Sauced, Last Word, Casse-Croute Bakery, etc. If there isn't access in the parking area next to the theater trucks will need to park on the street. THIS IS GOING TO CREATE A BOTTLENECK! We have never had a nice hotel in downtown Livermore. It should be positioned in the best possible location. A location that enables those staying at the hotel to walk freely about in any direction they choose to visit shops, restaurants and points of interest. This is a Westside Hotel. The other would only enable hotel visitors to walk freely across two busy streets and get a terrible view of the side of the theater building. Hotel on a corner seems so low end to me. 11/02/2017
yes 1.6 I like the Westside A plan the best. Hotel far away from the Bankhead and lots of open space. 11/02/2017
yes 2.8 Westside A seems by far the best option of the 4 concepts available. It is the plan that will best serve the Livermore community, offering the biggest museum, the most square footage of open space and retail. All of these three items will serve ALL of Livermore residents, as opposed to just a few lucky ones able to purchase housing at this very valuable area. I strongly dislike both eastside plans, mostly because they section off most of the plan for housing and parking, such that the "community area" with retail and green space seems to occupy what looks like about a quarter of the entire lot. 11/03/2017
yes 0.7 Each of the concepts looks quite nice. I don't like the way Westside B hotel wraps around Blacksmith Square. I am concerned about cultural/museum facilities that require public subsidy, and I am concerned about potential public subsidy (in free land) for the hotel. 11/02/2017
yes 3.2 Westside Plan A 11/02/2017
yes 1.2 I support Westside hotel A. 11/02/2017
yes 0.2 The hotel should be on the west side A or B - the otherside will not work -- 11/03/2017
yes 1.4 These concepts are all horrible. There is nothing in any of these designs that causes me, an existing citizen of Livermore, to suddenly want to go downtown and spend time and money here. What is with the need for all the housing or a huge hotel? I thought the idea was a boutique hotel like that of the Rose Hotel in Pleasanton. The Rose Hotel has 38 "deluxe" rooms. We don't need a downtown hotel with over 100+ rooms. Also, what is the attraction factor that is going to get people to come downtown more than they already are and spend more than they do? The concepts do not have anything for me or anyone that I know that already lives in Livermore. Please see the concept that I submitted. 11/03/2017
yes 0.1 Westside A the best choice. It provides: - A large community park, with a hotel/conference center activating it - Parking on the east side, with service vehicle and garbage truck access - Parking next to the hotel/conference center, reducing traffic - An Artisan Market - An Art gallery and Science Center - Housing units on the 2nd and 3rd floors, where they do not define the experience. The character of Livermore is maintained. - Co-housing, which will support the "creative class", helping to build new businesses in Livermore It could be improved with: - More retail, more LiveWork - Less cement, more grass in the amphitheater in the center of the Village Green - More definition of the park features - play areas for children, art panels, game areas, etc. - Reduction of parking needs with bicycle rentals and improved bicycle access throughout the City - Possibly, paid parking 11/03/2017
yes 1.5 I like the hotel on the west side of Livermore Avenue. I do not like the amount of concrete steps in West Side Visualization A. I don't think we need that much space for people to sit. Let's have more grass and less concrete. And lets try to get rid of so many condos. There will be condos on the Groth property. I don't want to see condos in the City Center. 11/03/2017
yes 0.7 I like the Westside A plan. I like the open space it provides. I also like the fact that there is less housing in this area. 10/30/2017
yes 2.6 I support a WESTSIDE HOTEL (westside A) with the very large open space. It has the best community feel for downtown. There needs to be sufficient shade, however, for the open space to be usable in the summer. Perhaps shade cloth sails? 11/03/2017
yes 0.3 I think the Westdide A hotel location is much superior from the standpoint of one who would recommend it to friends and family in the future. The site is much more open than the east side with proximity to the inviting open spaces to the immediate south. It minimizes congestion. The Bankhead is only a short and pleasant stroll away, useful for both hotel patrons who want to enjoy performances there as well as future conference users who could use the Bankhead for presentations to up to 500 attendees. Parking and restaurants on the SpeeDee site will be better for Bankhead attendees and crucially connects the east west community space extending to the front of the Bankhead, making the area much more pedestrian friendly overall. I see co housing and live work as a huge plus. This type of housing is clearly not for everybody, but I know people in Europe and in Santa Cruz who are very happy with it. Such housing will efficiently use the space, bring affordable housing to people who want to live downtown, and benefit everyone by making the downtown lively and engaging. Proposed conventional housing on the Groth site, Chestnut and possibly the Stockman's site on South Livermore certainly balance this as well. The proposed market and museum integrate well with the west side hotel too and will be used by current residents. 11/03/2017
yes 0.7 I like West side hotel .A. I'm hoping for a maximum of open space. I don't believe housing should be included in the downtown city blocks. The affordable housing should be transferred to the Groth Brothers' property. Some kind of exchange should be possible in this regard. Underground parking should be a serious consideration, and parking with sufficient access behind the existing businesses is a must. 11/03/2017
yes 1.6 I prefer west side A ground with the hotel on the opposite side 11/03/2017
yes 0.3 Open space for both young and old to mix, underground parking and parking for bikes. This is for the future, and bikes both electric and not will be a must for getting from A to B. Look at Europe! West side Hotel will better use the open space and for more enjoyable views. CO-housing and "live to work" housing will be good for downtown. 11/03/2017
yes 0.8 Westside A seems to make more sense to me. Fewer houses for open space. 11/03/2017
yes 2.0 I prefer the Westside A concept, because it provides: 1. The most pleasing and open layout of facilities, with open space connecting east and west sides and the tall hotel balancing the existing tall Bankhead Theater; 2. Adequate replacement parking, on-site parking for the hotel, and handicap parking near the Bankhead; 3. A large common space with the hotel, retail, and housing directly adjacent to it, to help keep the open space occupied; 10/30/2017
yes 2.9 I prefer westside A. 11/03/2017
yes 1.4 I prefer West side hotel. I like the large green area in eastside plan A visualization. Residential should be no more than 2 stories and fewer than 100 units to allow room for more green area. Use Stockmans offer to offset part of the affordable housing requirement. Parking structures & hotel should be no more than 2 stories above ground. 11/03/2017
yes 2.3 Highest priority ----a hotel on the westside, maximum open space 11/03/2017
yes 2.0 Of the 4 concepts the Westside A looks the best. The City should consider housing that is as high as 4 stories, with set backs for the upper floors so they do not seem to loom over the streets and sidewalks. A green central location is essential. The west side hotel is the best location, but no one has really given a good fact based justification for a downtown hotel. There are hotels near Costco and some are planned near the outlet mall. Is the goal to have tourists staying downtown to use our places to eat and shop? 11/03/2017
yes 2.3 Open space, green space and a westside hotel are the most crucial elements for a viable downtown now and for future generations 11/03/2017
no 1618.9 I prefer The Westside A concept 11/03/2017
yes 1.4 There is nothing in these 4 concepts that do anything to enhance the downtown experience for the existing people of Livermore. None of these concepts give me any more reason to go downtown. There are over 80,000 people that live in Livermore. Please give us a reason to come downtown and spend money here. Don't build up the downtown with extra housing and a hotel. You already have 80,000+ people in the city. If you build something to attract us to come downtown -we will come. Please do NOT put a road in the middle of your concept. We need something that is family friendly. We need an open space downtown that has a kids park, with trees, and fountains, and paths that wind around. We need more choices of restaurants and businesses around the exterior perimeter of the open space. These businesses can turn inward and open towards the park allowing their patrons to experience the views. We can have smaller kiosk businesses in the center park area, as well. 11/03/2017
yes 2.2 Really believe City would be better served if the hotel were not downtown but further up first street where the old brick barn was. It is close to downtown and a trolley system or hotel courtesy van could get guest, etc. the few blocks to the Bankhead and downtown restaraunts, etc. The down plan could then be redone to provide more green space, and single level parking so high rise structures would not be needed. Other restaurants, small shops could be added for locals as well as tourists similar to the type of shops in other tourist towns. If we are stuck with one of the four concepts, Westside A seems to be the best. However, while the hotel needs to have its own parking underneath, it appears the footprint shown could be reduced vs. what appears to be an inefficient building to lot usage. This would allow for more green space as well as retail shops - book store, antique stores, which draw tourist. . There is definitely no need for more housing, co-housing, or whatever one wants to call it. This would reduce the amount of additional parking needed and avoid additional crowding of downtown caused by those living in the housing. Beside the planned westside expansion of the parking garage, a garage across railroad, at an appropriate location across the street Anita's would actually provided easier access downtown vs. the westside garage. While helping the economy is a good thing, Livermore should focus on improving itself for those currently living here, not special interest groups, the hotel owners, and condo builders. 11/03/2017
no 15.8 Westside A most close to my wants. I look forward to Livermore defining the downtown space with a large green open area and a spectacular westside hotel. The westside allows for this. Living out of town, we could stay overnight after a Bankhead show. Our favorite activity, my wife and I go out to eat every other day, at restaurants. It would be nice to sit in a true green space to enjoy restaurant meals. All the other towns have outdoor seating on the street! This is the best option considering traffic and other issues. Thank you in advance for a westside hotel. 11/03/2017
yes 0.7 I prefer the West side A plan with the hotel on the west side of the property. This plan includes parking and open space. It also includes some retail and cultural attractions. 11/03/2017