Responses for Join us at the Recreation and Parks Commission Meeting – June 29, 2016

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yes 0.9 It looks like the proposed community center will be too small to be of any use. Why can't we build a community center at Heather Park in place of the two tennis courts there? It makes sense that all the tennis courts should be at the tennis center and the close proximity of the two makes it unnecessary to maintain both. It seems like a more practical solution. If you build a community center in Heather park there would be no more complaining about the portable bathroom, parking would be eased for the tennis center area, and the community center would be larger and more accessible to all the residents. Since most of our neighborhood events are at Heather park this would make it so much easier. Perhaps the City could sell the St. Cloud property to pay for a new community center that is actually in Seal Beach. Just some thoughts.... I have more :) 06/27/2016 no no yes
Anonymous yes 0.6 Really like this version of the tennis center and especially Bluebell Park. It's good to keep the park a simple plan that has more potential for usage than the ones that were proposed. It is ironic that it will look a whole like it did originally. 06/24/2016 no no yes
yes 0.7 The proposed multi-purpose field is a great idea, good use of the space. Addition of pickle ball is nice, though couldn't the tennis courts be converted to be dual-use pickleball and tennis, and then that would free up the area currently designated for pickleball to instead be used for other activities. The pedestrian crossing is a good idea. Why make the bulb outs? What benefit do they serve when everyone parallel parks on the street today without incident? It would be nice to have a climbing/bouldering area like some of the prior proposals. 06/27/2016 no no yes
Anonymous yes 0.1 The Proposed Multipurpose Field does not work here. It's just too big for the site and introduces safety concerns by locating a sports field so close to live traffic. The cost involved with relocating the playground structure and reducing the play area to make room for a poorly thought out sports field is not justified. Bluebell Park needs more tree canopies to provide shade. Also, maintenance of the grass area has been spotty in the past. I've enjoyed walking to the park with my toddlers over the past few years and watching them grow and explore the park. I don't support the idea of reducing - or de-prioritizing - the family aspects of the park to make room for an unwieldy organized sports field. My kids and I usually avoid the park when teams are practicing there. A small community center would be a welcome addition to the Tennis Club. 06/27/2016 no no yes
Anonymous no 1581.4 Yes, I agree...shade is needed at the park so if it cannot come with a shade that costs...why not trees? This is something I do not see in the design but it is easily implanted and does not cost as much as shading:) Overall the renewed Bluebell Park plans seem tight...implementing what everyone asked for, with the exceptions of some who do not like it of course. I think the majority do though and that is important. If there is to be a future community center I think getting the park reconfigured back to what it was for years is essential to it being used for bigger events. After all, who wants to go to a park event that has concrete cutting through only way up to the homes when the community center is in the middle across the street? 06/28/2016 no no yes