Responses for Thoughts on Bluebell Park

name in district? distance (mi) options comments date Tennis? CtrUser? ParkUser?
None yes 0.9 [] I like the plan for BlueBell park shown in Alternative 2...combined with the plan for the Tennis Center shown in Alternative 1. 04/20/2016 yes yes yes
None no 2226.7 I like it Only request is to get rid of the wood chips 04/19/2016 None None None
Anonymous yes 0.6 I don't like it Rarely see any children playing in the lot because----NO SHADE was included and the equipment undoubtably gets way too hot to touch. The field gets activity by young children learning to play sports but unfortunately when they moved the play area away from trees and side of park they shortened the field so only really young children can use the field for practice. I see basketball folks there and am glad it's getting some use. No point having a park without use in mind. Simply making a pretty park to drive past is a waste of money. 04/20/2016 no no yes
Jim Allred no 598.0 I don't like it It is too sterile. Need landscaping. The playground equipment does not seem to be used much and the sand pit is used by more dog as their spot. There are posted signs for no dogs in the park, but as you can see in the photo, this is ignored. This park is used more for younger children's sports, afternoon and evening hours. Night lights are being used in the winter months. There is a need for more seating for viewing the playing field under shade. The biggest need is for landscaping with more mature trees, shrubs to hide the chain-link fence, and seating. At one time, I seem to recall a picnic table under the big old tree that died and was removed. That would be useful to re-add. 08/19/2015 no no yes
Anonymous no 1581.4 I like it The park today needs change...back to at least the configuration it had...not the equipment it had way back when...just the configuration but updated as seen the new plan, which incorporates a good flow to the park. I like the painted bulbouts so they can be seen better. City will have to coordinate for BETTER lights on Aster and Almond so this all can be seen better:) 04/25/2016 no no yes