What are your priorities?

The County Parks Department is responsible for acquiring, developing, maintaining and operating regional parklands of Countywide significance and for the oversight of the Countywide Trails Plan. County parks are typically large parks with a more natural or rural setting. Their trails, picnic grounds, campgrounds, unique recreational facilities and notable natural or cultural/historic resources attract visitors from throughout the region.

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Which of the following do you think Santa Clara County Parks should prioritize over the next 10 years? Click and drag the following attributes and arrange them from high to low importance to you.


<b>Maintaining</b> existing parks, trails, and facilities.

<b>Expanding</b> existing parks, trails, and facilities.

<b>Adding</b> new parks, trails, and facilities.

Reducing the impacts of <b>climate change</b> by protecting healthy ecosystems.

Preserving <b>natural resources</b> including habitat and water quality.

Playing a key role in the <b>physical health</b> and well-being of county residents.

Improving <b>regional trail connections</b> for recreation and as an alternative to driving.

Protecting <b>cultural and historic</b> sites and buildings.

Improving <b>access</b> to parks for everyone countywide.

Providing more recreational and educational <b>services and programs</b>.

Providing <b>technology</b> to enhance the park visitor experience.

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