All Responses for Review the Three Concepts

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Ali Darvishi I have been taking my family to Campland for over a decade and would like to see more water front sites for Campland and not less. I would like my children to be able to carry on this tradition with thier children. The Campland on the Bay provides a unique camping experience not matched anywhere. We are San Diego residents and, as stated above, have been visiting the Campland for over a decade because our kids want to spend their summer vacations at the bay. So, please allow for more water front sites. 12/09/2016
Jerry Olivas We are from Tucson, Arizona, and we just invested in a travel trailer. It will be used mainly to travel to San Diego to enjoy Campland on the Bay and the features San Diego has to offer. I feel that it is very important to keep Campland on the Bay and to improve the spaces and opportunities for more families to enjoy. I do think many visitors are important for San Diego and Campland on the Bay is a very important one. If it is necessary to move it, it should include more spaces to accommodate more campers. Thank you for the opportunity to give some input to this very important project. 12/09/2016
Jennifer Smith I like concept 3, although I think all could use some improvement. 12/09/2016
Becky Wagner We love camping by the bay! Any plan will be good for families. I come to San Diego just for the camping by the Bay. We need to keep something for families like this. 12/09/2016
Anonymous Between 2 and 3. #3 has more camp sites and would allow more families to enjoy the park. 12/09/2016
Nancy Ferguson We have been coming to this area in our RV for the last 6 years and have enjoyed it immensely. We would vote for #3 since we believe the more camping the better. It's a safe environment for families with kids and allows them to enjoy the water, the beach, the views, the grassy areas and the safe streets for biking and walking. Obviously these families spend lots of money in San Diego when they shop for groceries, gas, visit the sights, eat out in the restaurants (my favorite) and buy from all the shops in San Diego. We really enjoyed the trail when it went through and all the other recreational activities in the area. Please do not decrease the camping area since that brings more and more families into the area to enjoy what San Diego has to offer. 12/09/2016
Anonymous The single most important thing to me is the “Public competitive size swimming pool” which wasn’t specifically mentioned on the current draft design alternatives. Has this idea been dropped as a concept? It is a great disappointment that PB/Mission Beach does not have access to a public pool. I do utilize City Pools and used The Plunge before it closed (it did get very expensive plus limited public use). Pool swimming is a great resource for all ages but especially as one gets older. PB on Grand Ave is building a residential elder-care facility. That plus a push for more family friendly options in PB, a family activity that is not prohibitively expensive, are all reasons for a public pool. I am very much excited about the sports complex soccer area. I played for many decades and have niece(and relatives) locally that would get great use out of it. I think statically golf is less popular in the 21st century. I’m against Plan 3 expanded golf course. An idea like Topgolf is very creative I’d be excited to try out. I like the idea of keeping Sand Volleyball which is a hugely popular pastime around Mission Bay especially De Anza. Anything that promotes walking, hiking, bike paths is also a major plus. I care greatly about the environment but it looks like each plan keeps environmental protection a priority. Thanks! 12/09/2016
Sandy Twyman Like #3 12/09/2016
Judy Baggott I like # 1 and # 3 primarily because they allow more acreage for RV s. It's so important for that area to maintain camping opportunities for families like ours who have spent so many wonderful summers at De Anza and Campland. 12/09/2016
Robert Waddell Campland by the Bay is a wonderful family and affordable vacation destination. We have enjoyed this site for years. Please do not take this wonderful destination away from your city. 12/09/2016
Anonymous 57.9 I lean towards no. 3, the more RV parking and bike riding trails the better. 12/09/2016
Concept 3 looks like the best. 12/09/2016
Randy Walker I have been camping at Campland for 40 years and feel that concept 3 looks the most interesting. It looks like the best use of a great area. 12/09/2016
John Pavlich Linda and I have been coming to Campland since the 70's. As newlyweds, it was something we could afford and still be by the ocean. In the 2000's I brought my Son, his wife, and our grandson there and we spent several summers there swimming and using the facilities. This is a place that middle class folks can come and get all those things that rich folks get with resorts!! They do several things very well: Give military discounts, keep the bathrooms so clean, have games and talent shows for kids, make child safety a priority and allow kids to ride their "rides" all over like the good ole days, and did I say keep the camping areas and bathroom clean (which is no small feat with the numbers), access to the ocean (bay), and provide a wonderful atmosphere. I met folks that have come there every year for generations. So, leave Campland alone. The size is fine. I could go along with #1 or #3 if Campland is not affected. Leave them to manage their land, they are doing it right! I am not sure since I do not live in the San Diego Region, but I see these things as pushing the locals out so that developers can have their way. For once, allow a business who serves the public to continue to do so. Nowhere do I see the impact on Campland. That bothers me. Thank you for allowing input on this important issue from an out of stater! 12/09/2016
C.L. Morgan YES Wetlands YES Campland NO skatepark NO golf expansion 12/09/2016
Melissa Nelson 136.6 Honestly I am not good with understanding this but im just putting my input if theae changes are going to take away from what campland offers us. I so disapprove. My family comes together literally all of us we rent 4 to 5 campgrounds all together and enjoy this facility.. Theres so much that we get to do and the atmosphere is awesome. Ita not run down. Always clean, due to the location I have never ran into people i need to worry about with all the kids in my family. Love that you can rent so many things at hand reach love they have the store there with food joints. Love the different activities that Campland offers and its not far away if we have to leave to run and get something from a supermarket. Location she perfect. It would be such a disappointment if whatever the city is planning to Change.. Change isnt always good when your so use to coming to your same spots with the trees covering the sun from beaming on us and from our kids already knowing where to go and what to expect to do when we get there... Please consider how many different families and organizations this will effect in a negative way.. 12/09/2016
Debbie These three plans seem more similar than different, and I ask that you provide much more serious consideration to making this project more congruent with the Re-Wild plan. Important to emphasize wetlands and habitat protection more than is any of these three plans. Minimize or do away with the golfing component, as real turf needs far too much water to properly maintain and artificial turf is not environmentally friendly. 12/08/2016
dixon sheldon 89.6 All three are well thought out I like #3. We enjoy camping by the ocean every time we are able to come to San Diego we stay there it is very calming by the water we visit all of the attractions. Having a nice restaurant close to where we camp would be an added benefit to our camping experience. Thank you for having a camping facility in San Diego. 12/08/2016
Jon Trotchie 73.6 I say leave it the way it is finished broke don't fix it! But if I actually had to choose I would have to say concept two would be the one with the exception of the skateboard park. Not necessary. 12/08/2016
Tanessa Trotchie I like number 2 the best because it has the least golf area but I do t like the skateboard park idea 12/08/2016