Responses for Share your thoughts on the Visitor Center Complex

name in district? distance (mi) comments date likes like?
Bob H. yes 6.8 Looks great 03/09/2016 0
Anonymous yes 18.3 Very nice! Love it. 03/10/2016 0
Anonymous yes 2.7 I hope there will be an historic center 04/13/2016 0
Evelyn Freitas no 2285.0 open space behind Elkwood/Willow Pass Rd. No structures. 04/05/2016 0
Jeanne Moreau yes 12.9 Want to know if there will be a place in this park development for off leash dog hiking. 03/08/2016 0
Robert Ferguson yes 6.4 The proposed Visitor Center appears to be a two-story building. Will the upper floor of the center have an auditorium that will be available for rent at a nominal fee for non-profit groups and local organizations? This function could be a source of income for this parks maintenance. I have a local model railroad group that would consider it at least once per year. 03/22/2016 0
Steve Lane yes Please provide an OUTDOOR RAILROAD HISTORY INTERPRETIVE AREA, in front of the Visitor Center - keeping a section of Navy RR and relocated Bay Point and Clayton (BP&C RR) rail as an historic railbed display; also including historic railroad artifacts, such as switch stands, signals, signage, etc, ALONGSIDE a paved multipurpose trail. Please considering aligning a railroad right-of-way, by re-purposing existing Navy RR roadbeds, to create a link to Concord BART over a maintained rail (electric or natural gas powered) transportation corridor, to the proposed development areas, and to the Park Visitor Center. Please provide an INDOOR RAILROAD (Navy RR & BP&C RR) HISTORY DISPLAY in the Visitor Center. 03/23/2016 0
Anonymous yes 4.0 I believe that the history of the Naval Railroad, and its predecessor, the Bay Point and Clayton Railroad, should be a prominent part of the displays both in the Visitors Center and elsewhere on the grounds of the Park. See, for example, what was done with the High Line in New York City: 03/25/2016 0
None no 19.9 06/08/2016 0