Responses for Share your thoughts on the Draft Preferred Land Use Plan

name in district? distance (mi) comments date
Bob H. yes 6.8 Looks great ! 03/09/2016
John Keibel yes 2.5 * Glad to see we're conservative on the mileage of public and maintenance roadways. The absence from traffic noise (aside from that which drifts in from the outside) and sounds of creation are special qualities/resources to be preserved. * In general, looking good! 03/23/2016
Anonymous yes 18.3 Very exciting and looks great. I'd like to see trails where people with off-leash dogs are welcome (and there are water bowls and poop bag containers and trash cans). The footprint seems big enough that those trails don't need to conflict with equestrian trails. 03/10/2016
Brian Pepper yes 2.0 Need designated equestrian parking - space for 10-15 truck/trailers with water available for animals Trails - Keep bikes and horses separated - horse trailers could parallel existing roads Water available at several points in the park 03/04/2016
Diego Soto yes 2.9 We need more dedicated bicycle trails like the ones in Crockett. In theory this will ease the bicycle traffic in near by parks. 03/09/2016
Evelyn Freitas no 2285.0 More open space behind Elkwood Drive/Willow Pass Rd....leave the bunkers, use as historic site. 04/05/2016
Vanessa Jeschke no 19.3 love the hiking and interpretive/educational sites! Will the park be accessible for people with dogs? 03/09/2016
David Connery yes 14.3 Early in the planning a place was set aside for the interpretation of the rich railroad history of the site. Both the Military use of railroads here as well as the more historic Bay Point and Clayton Railroad are important. A great many people have railroading in their family history - grandparents and great-grand parents and great uncles etc. worked for railroads. It was the one place in America where all ethnicities and cultures crossed and thus is a common ground for a great many people today. Knowing about how this area once supported two different railroads for two very different uses helps people understand the historic context this land once held. Restore a railroad interpretive site to the plan. 03/22/2016
Vicki Schoenthaler yes 14.5 Looks good for hikers, but what about an RV park. Some of us older folks would really enjoy that. As an avid RVer, I would love to help plan that. The only RV Park in Contra Costa County is the Antioch Fairgrounds. Not such a great place. We actually have a group of RVers that are trying to build an RV park in Contra Costa County 03/08/2016
Robert Ferguson yes 6.4 The Bay Point & Clayton Railroad was a prominent operation that helped with the development of the Clayton Valley and the town of Cowell where the Cowell Cement Plant was located. This railroad was the basis for the development of the Concord Naval Weapons Station's railroad operations within the base. Railroading was a significant feature of the area within the boundaries of the proposed park and should be recognized as such. The rail line that was the original BP&C should be preserved and an interpretive area dedicated to its remembrance. Ultimately there was 108 miles of rail lines within the CNWS and the rails provided an expedient means for moving the millions of tons of weaponry around the base from and to waiting warships. Historical features of the proposed park area must be retained for the posterity of the former uses of the parklands. I would recommend that the former rail line be preserved and NOT converted to a hiking trail. There are plenty of other opportunities in your proposed plan for hiking trails. Lets do it right and let the potential park users relate to the significance of the area regarding its former functions. A railroad interpretive are or display along with the rail line is a must have function. 03/22/2016
None no 17.7 I think it is a good idea...much better than redevelopment... 05/24/2016
Anyes Girard yes 2.7 Access roads need to open to all areas of Concord , just north Concord. Also Right now during commute hours 242 and adjacent roads are packed. Bumper to Bumper in Am and pm A lot of us can not take Bart, so adding thousands of commuters on overcrowded freeway is dreadful to hear. It will be hell when all the proposed housing will be built without improving the roads. ( 242, 4, willow pass) any potential extra roads needs to be happening. So adding on the top of that a visitor center, trails and more with only access through North Concord is crazy for us living in the neighborhood. Please plan another access road from Bailey Rd. in the south. Also third access road from “Medanos Blvd.” ? It just makes more sense for better traffic circulation and all of Concord shares in the burden of traffic not just North Concord. ps: we lived here for a long time and we saw the impact of all the constructions done in Antioch Pittsburg and beyond during the boom's years. Within a few months highway 242 came to a crawl! So building thousands of houses in our backyards without upgrading the freeway will be very hard on the residents. 04/13/2016
Linda John yes 6.2 I would like to see a strong emphasis on getting to the park safely by bike. I see notes that say "Connection to " Delta de Anza Trail and Contra Costa Canal Trail; I would like to request that those connections be Prioritized Highly. The current terminus of the CC Canal Trail is over 1 mile away as the crow flies, probably 2 miles along the canal. I would hope that that trail extension could start ASAP. I would also love to see a Safe road bike connection to the southwestern complex end of the park. Bailey Rd has a good Trail but it doesn't connect to Treat or Turtle Creek safely. Let's make it easy to get there by Bike. Thank you for reading. 03/30/2016
None no 19.9 I would like to see a portion of this park (approx 10 acres) allocated to be a designated drone and remote control aircraft park. This park is located in a good area for this activity with plenty of open area surrounding it. The recent decision (or restatement of original intent) to ban all drones and remote control aircraft within all East Bay Parks is discriminatory. East Bay parks support many other activities such as shooting ranges, archery ranges, hang glider courses, etc. The outright band on all RC aircraft especially troubling considering the massive size of this new area being turned over to the park district. 06/08/2016
Stuart Swiedler no 17.7 I see that you plan a rail to multi-use conversion. That would be a serious oversight. The railroad and its history are the key to this park. We have plenty of EBR parks, but only rarely is the key element of its history retained that provides its character. The most successful new park in the world is the High Line in NYC. Can you imagine the High Line without the rails!!! Can you name any new park in the US on existing rail lines built since the High Line where they removed the rails? They are planning a second one in NYC on a part of abandoned Long Island Rail Road. Can you imagine the response to the person who is going to announce that they will remove the rails? They would be run out of town. The history of the Bay Point and Clayton RR and its route, and the unimaginable technical additions by the Navy to create these bunkers is worth the trip to visit. That is why I am excited about the possibility of visiting. If you remove the rails, I would never bother going to this place. What do you think the first question will be from someone visiting a bunker?? It will be to know how did they get the box cars to this place. Then they will ask why did you remove the rails? Someone will say the rails were removed for safety, and the person will then say, well the north end of the High Line is banked and there are no problems there. There is plenty of space to keep the rails and have all the paths you want. Do not destroy this critical element of East Bay Hills history!!! Make it a major destination for all. 03/24/2016
Sue Guest yes 2.7 Great beginning. Trails within the park should connect to trails surrounding the park. Connection to Mt. Diablo would be great. Connection to Kirker Pass would be fantastic. I am not a fan of the 100 people campsite. I think the park would be better served to have smaller capacity campsites throughout. This would decrease the environmental impact. Parking should not be by the campsites. Parking should be concentrated around the major roads and not into the interior of the park. Has their been consideration of having Yurts? There should be more access for bikes and less access for cars. I like that you are using existing buildings and upgrading. Also the use of the bunkers is great. Back country campsite is great but what is the plan for reserving. Need to do as much as possible to encourage people to access the park not with their vehicle but with their bike or hiking. Intent in the park should be to preserve the natural habitat. 07/16/2016