Responses for What are your ideas for Magazine Reuse?

name in district? distance (mi) comments date
Stacey Templeman yes 2.3 The first picture allows for intelligent use of the space with picnicking. The artwork idea is not going to allow for use. EBRPD already has enough un-used space. It doesn't need more space like that. 11/17/2015
Anonymous yes 4.0 Art works by local artists, and some of the railroad history. 03/25/2016
Anonymous yes 18.3 These are all great concepts. It would be a shame not to leave at least one magazine more or less the way they are now, just for historical reasons? It's very interesting stuff. 03/10/2016
Bob H. yes 6.8 Interesting, but not sure about this use 03/09/2016
Jane Taylor yes 13.4 Booths for vendors - food and or craft. Park doesn't want enclosed areas where people can dump trash and have to be maintained. Vendors responsible for upkeep. 11/20/2015
Robert Taylor no 1833.7 Picnic spots is a perfect use with a few as interpretive centers. 11/17/2015
Anonymous no 2022.6 There is so much land. Make a great motocross park, moto tracks for kids and families. Like Hollister Hills and Carneige state park. Get kids off the couch and outside for fitness and family time. 11/20/2015
Anonymous yes 2.0 Turning some of the magazines into picnic areas would be a practical way of utilising the magazines without significantly altering their appearance, thus preserving their historical integrity. Planting some native trees on the berms or behind the magazines would be a good way to provide shade during the hot summer months and would add to the beauty of the park. 12/24/2015
Linda John yes 6.2 I like ALL of these ideas; especially the shaded picnic area. 03/30/2016
Anonymous yes 2.5 How about Restrooms. 11/18/2015
Evelyn Freitas no 2285.0 Use all concepts. Do these on Willow Pass Rd/behind Dana Estates. 04/05/2016
Anonymous yes 2.7 Good ideas but I do not like the concept of people hiding there. We have already a large homeless population and I can see for sure it will be taken over and then it will be unsafe for families strolling around. 04/13/2016
Laura Mansoori yes 3.8 I like the concept but I am worried about having areas within the park where people can hide. If there were designated as camping areas that would be fun. It is nice to see a place that once stored weapons to have new life. I live close to the station and it will be nice to have some more expansive green space in Concord. 03/17/2016
Steve Lane yes Please restore one Magazine in-tact with existing railbed and a railcar, with unarmed munitions, and properly attired mannequins, as an interpretive display to fully illustrate the actual use of the Magazines. Please consider collaborating with local MODEL RAILROAD Clubs, to contain in one Magazine - an educational, interactive and operational HO Scale Model Railroad Display of the actual layout of the Navy Railroad, depicting rail operations from the Tidal Area to the Inland Area. 03/23/2016
sean crowder no 342.3 I like this idea but would like there too be bird watching and some night's moon watching I really like the idea turning it in to a park but there needs to be security there in case somebody spry paint's these historical sites 03/09/2016
Vanessa Jeschke no 19.3 I prefer the concept depicting magazine repurposed to provide shaded areas within the park for picnic and education. The berm around the magazine can be landscaped to highlight seasonal changes at the park. 03/09/2016
yes I love the picnic table idea. Nice areas for hotter temperatures to stay cool along the trails.I additionally like the picture viewing area, but would like to see more of a "history story" being told instead of just art work, but since there are many magazines in areas, then some can be for both history and local artwork and local environmental information. 06/22/2016